Work in the greenhouse in Germany. What does it involve?

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Do you dream of a fresh start and better salaries? Many of those from Suceava and other parts of Romania are looking abroad for opportunities that are not readily available at home. A greenhouse job in Germany could be the destination for you.

In particular, working in a greenhouse in Germany is an option worth considering. It’s simple work, similar to what some may already be used to from home, but with the promise of better wages and working conditions. This article will guide you through how to secure such a job, what it entails and the unique advantages offered by Lucicosm Mediere.

Work in the greenhouse in Germany

First, let’s talk about what working in a greenhouse actually means. Such a job usually involves planting, watering, pruning and harvesting plants and vegetables. The environment is controlled, which means there are no harsh conditions such as excessive rain, wind or unbearable heat – quite a pleasant setting for the work to be carried out.

To get a job in a German greenhouse, you will need the help of an employment agency that specializes in such roles. Lucicosm Mediere is a notable example, especially because we offer mediation services for Romanians looking for a job in Germany. We simplify the often daunting process of looking for a job abroad by providing connections and support throughout the application and relocation processes.

Are there special requirements for such a job?

In general, you don’t need special qualifications to work in a greenhouse. However, the physical ability to cope with manual work and a basic knowledge of German or English can be beneficial. Lucicosm Mediere can offer consultations so you can choose the best job for you and your skills. In our portfolio you will find several jobs from which you can choose.

Work in the greenhouse in Germany. BENEFITS

The most significant advantage of working in Germany, especially for unskilled labor in regions like Suceava, is the potential for higher earnings compared to similar jobs in Romania. This increase in income can make a substantial difference in your quality of life and provide more for your family at home. In Germany you can earn over 12 euros per hour net, in hand. In addition, you also have accommodation and a legal employment contract, for a period of at least 56 days.

Unlike some industries where expats may face harsh conditions, greenhouses in Germany are known for their pleasant working environments. The climate inside a greenhouse is stable and the work is consistent and predictable. You won’t find much difference from working in Romania, except that the facilities could be more modern and better maintained.

Although you might start out as an unskilled worker, there are often opportunities for learning and advancement in the agricultural sector in Germany. Over time, you can receive training to operate more advanced machines or take on supervisory roles.

How Lucicosm Mediation can help

Lucicosm Mediere not only helps you find a greenhouse job in Germany, but also supports you in the relocation process. We provide support and information on legal requirements such as work visas and practical advice about the workplace.

For those from Suceava and beyond, looking for a job in a German greenhouse through Lucicosm Mediere could be a stepping stone towards a more prosperous life.

The work is simple, environmentally friendly and the pay is much better than what you could find at home. If you are ready to earn more money, contact us! A better future starts with the opportunities you decide to take, and working in Germany could be just the gateway you’ve been waiting for.


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