Work in Germany. How to protect your money from inflation

munca in Germania

If you have been at work in Germany for a longer period of time, you must have earned a lot of money. Regardless of the amount you collected, once you return to Romania, you must take care of it.

As you know, double prices, huge inflation and the economy on the ground are wreaking havoc in Romania. Money quickly loses its value and it is not only about the Romanian leu, but also about other currencies, such as the euro.

Keeping money in the mattress is not an option, especially if we are talking about large amounts. In July, the annual inflation rate increased by 15%. Basically, if you keep your money at home, you will lose it. They will devalue, and if today you have 2000 euros, in a few months, the same money will be worth 1500 euros.

Inflation, according to is “determined by a general increase in prices and a decrease in the purchasing power of the national currency. The only way to protect ourselves from the negative effects is through investments.”

In order to better understand how to protect your money from inflation, in this article we have prepared some useful methods to help you.

What to do with money earned in Germany

Once you’re back home, try to make a list of immediate expenses you need to make. Maybe you have to pay an installment, a loan, the children’s school, rent or other such expenses. If you will be unemployed until your next trip to Germany, try to set aside a minimum amount you need monthly for: rent, food expenses, other expenses.

Next, determine what investments you want to make now. Do you need new furniture, a car or do you want to fix something at home? Don’t wait too long and take this step now, so your money doesn’t lose its value.

It is very important to avoid keeping the money you want to save at home. Choose to open a deposit or savings account. If you have a larger amount of money and want to create a passive income, you can buy an apartment or other property to use.

Savings account – the safest place for your earned money in Germany

These accounts guarantee that your money will be protected from inflation. And if you get a good interest rate, you can even make some extra money off of it.

The most important thing is that your savings will not lose their value and your money will be just as strong when you take it out.

Moreover, your money will be protected from thieves or other dangers that may arise if you keep it at home.

Anyone can open a savings account in any place they prefer.

Choose to protect your money from inflation, either by saving in accounts or by investing in assets.

Work in Germany

If you have found that inflation is a problem for you and you want to earn more money, choose to work in Germany. Lucicosm Mediere offers you jobs with a work book, legal and well-paid. The salary in hand is over 10 euros per hour, and there you benefit from accommodation, transport and a fair schedule.

You will work around 8 hours a day, with lunch breaks, and Sunday is a day off.

What is more important is that you will earn more than in Romania, even 3-4 times. Salaries reach up to 2000 euros per month, money that can help you in Romania.

If you want a work in Germany, contact us at the phone numbers on the website or come to the headquarters in Suceava, Stațiuenii street, no. 2.


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