Work in Germany 2022. What should you know?

Munca in Germania 2022

Working in Germany 2022, we reach this topic again with useful information about one of the countries where most Romanians who want to work abroad go. Those who traveled with us to Germany and those who chose to work through Lucicosm mediation said that Germany is and will always be in the top 3 for them due to several points. Romanians prefer to go to work in Germany because “the law is the law and the state protects you” but also due to the high standard of living and the well-developed medical system.

Even if, due to the seriousness and rigor present among the Germans, the Romanians decide to go to work in Germany, many of them choose to return to the country after a certain period, for various reasons.

If you are one of them, and you want to go to Germany, here are some details that will help you.

Work in Germany – Contract, Salary and Schedule

The law on the minimum wage (Mindestlohngesetz) in Germany provides for the increase from 1 January 2022 of the legal minimum wage (Mindestlohn) from 9.60 euros per hour gross to 9.82, and from 1 July 2022 it will increase to 10.45 euro.

Here we are talking about exceptions, such as young people under 18, without qualifications, some categories of practitioners, who do qualifying school (ausbildung), the long-term unemployed in the first 6 months or volunteers.

The important thing to point out here is that in order to work in Germany in 2022, you must be 15 years old. Since then, the minor can be hired, but only with the consent of the parents.

The individual employment contract (arbeitsvertag) is the contract under which the natural person called the employee (arbeitnehmer) undertakes to perform work between and under the authority of an employer (arbeitgeber) in exchange for salary.

Working salary in Germany 2022

The salary (lohn, gehalt) will usually be included in the contract, as a gross amount per hour or per month.

What can we do if our minimum wage is not paid?

In 3 years, you can claim the payment of the salary from the employer with whom you had a contract to a German court competent for employment law.

It is important to keep the documents you receive from employers and to be able to recover taxes, not just to make sure that the last tranche of money from the employer will be transferred to your accounts.

Documents are required for tax recovery and allowance. Work in Germany 2022

In order to prepare your tax and allowance recovery file in Germany, you need the following documents:

Copy of husband / wife bulletin (if applicable)

Copy of marriage certificate / divorce decision / death certificate (if applicable);

Copy of birth certificate + copy of identity card (if applicable);

Documents issued by the employer (tax file, employment contract, accommodation card, salary flyers);

Tax and allowance recovery is only possible for people who have worked in Germany with a legal employment contract.

Therefore, it is important to work with a company that guarantees that you work with a legal employment contract. For more details call 0743532563.


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