Why go to work abroad in the summer

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For many, summer is a time of relaxation and vacation. But if you could make a lot more money with a job abroad, would you give up summer vacation for a year?

Especially if you could afford to go somewhere in Greece on vacation in November. That way, you could afford to have a relaxing vacation and not have to worry about money or the fact that you can’t afford any more coffee in the city next month.

A job abroad during the summer could save you a lot of worries. You earn enough money for the Christmas holidays or for the bills at the beginning of the year and you will have the experience of a job abroad.

If you are still in doubt and do not know whether to go to work in Germany, here are some reasons you should get rid of worries.

If you are a student, you can go to work abroad on vacation

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As a student, it can be difficult to earn enough money to satisfy all your cravings. And we all know that the age of the student is the age at which it is not at all convenient for you to ask for money from your parents. Especially if you want some extra money to go to a party or go out for coffee in town.

And it’s certainly not convenient for you to never get out of the lack of money. This problem can be solved very easily. Since the summer vacation lasts for three months, you can choose to go to work in Germany.

And, if you want to have moments of relaxation, you can choose to work abroad for only two months. That way, you have a whole month left, during which time you can have fun and enjoy the money you earned.

Even if you have arrears or want more time to study, you can always choose to go to work for a shorter period, so that you have time to learn.

The summer period is the best time to make enough money to cover your expenses for a whole year. So, our advice is not to think long and to schedule your departure abroad now.

The workload is not huge and allows you to get enough rest and have one day off per week. You will be able to take time off whenever you have the opportunity and you will have the opportunity to interact with other cultures.

Germany is known for the import of labor, so there you will meet people from Poland, the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine or even Bulgaria.

Regardless of your status, you can earn more money than in Romania

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A job in Germany, even for a period of 2-3 months can bring you a salary for a year in Romania. You know that there are many Romanians who have gone to work abroad. A very large number of them leave periodically or even have a stable job there for part of the year.

If you’ve heard that it pays to work abroad, you’ve heard right. Salaries reach 2000 euros per month. As during the summer you have fewer activities that require your mandatory presence in the country, you can go to work. The children are on vacation, and field work is no longer so demanding. Therefore, if you leave for two months you will only have benefits.

Sign up to work abroad with Lucicosm

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If you want to go safe with your job, it is advisable to turn to a company that acts legally and offers you a job guarantee.

Lucicosm Mediere has over 10 years of experience in placing the workforce abroad. Therefore, we find safe, well-paid jobs that provide you with all the necessary facilities. As soon as you have decided that you want to have a higher income during the summer, call us and we will establish the details of your departure.

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We offer you a variety of jobs, and you can choose the one that is right for you. You decide the period you want to spend there, and together we will establish all the contractual details.

Every information is transparent, and the Lucicosm team offers you advice throughout your departure. You will have an employment contract, health insurance and a salary of over 9 euros per hour. You will also have accommodation near the workplace, and Lucicosm also offers you transport to work.

If you also want to stop worrying about money, call us and sign up to work abroad. Enter the Lucicosm blog for more information on salaries, expenses, but also other useful tips for going to Germany.

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