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In Romania, people are at two economic extremes: they are those people who can afford to live decently, but they cannot evolve and those people who are rich. This is the main reason why Germany is looking for intense jobs.

Do you want to be able to support your family, build the house you dreamed of and work on your dream? All these things cannot be done with an income from Romania.

A minimum wage does not exceed 1,500 lei, even if the law says otherwise.

And, as you well know, this money is not enough to live a decent life. That is why more and more people are choosing to look for jobs in Germany.

Statistics show that about 600 people go to work in another country every day. Even if it sounds sad, the truth is that people prefer to work abroad.

There they have a stable job and a salary that allows them to change the life they have in Romania.

It is understandable why you want to leave the country. Surely you have heard how well you earn and what changes you can make in your life with that money

You could open a workshop, have the opportunity to completely renovate your house, support your family and work for your dream.

Why Romanians choose to work in Germany

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Germany is the country where Romanians choose to go to work. A variety of jobs are available, all very well paid.

Moreover, the people of Germany are warm and sensitive people, respectful and who appreciate a job well done. Thus, not only money will be a motivation for you, but also the environment in which you live.

In Germany, the amount of money earned per month is at least 1,500 euros per month. Take into account that at Lucicosm you can earn over 2,000 euros per month. A job in Germany comes with decent accommodation, good living conditions and low expenses.

People want to go to work in Germany precisely because their work is rewarded at its true value and is appreciated.

Moreover, once you have managed to fulfill your needs and desires, you clearly become happier. And this is another reason why hundreds of Romanians go to work abroad every day. They want to feel happy and fulfilled with the life they have.

Working in Germany is no longer a novelty, it is a normality. And if you’re here to find out more about a job in Germany, find out that the whole thing is a breeze.

However, it is important to turn to a serious company to make sure that your benefits are maximized.

Turn to a serious company for jobs Germany

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If you have doubts and want to check if the company is a serious one, first look at the experience it has on the market. Moreover, a company with experience in placing the workforce will take care that the services it offers you are of the best quality.

Also, go to the company’s website and find out where it is registered and how it can guarantee your safety. Don’t be shy to look for her on her Facebook page and check her reviews.

Safety is crucial in any field, which is why Lucicosm Mediere provides you with all the information you need on the site.

We offer you a very well paid job and contract. Collaborating with a company does not only mean securing and guaranteeing a decent job.

Collaborating with a company also brings you an employment contract and assures you that the whole process is a legal one.

The benefits of such a collaboration are maximum. You get advice on choosing the right job for you and your needs.

The company ensures that you will be properly received at work and that you have provided all the necessary conditions.

Jobs Germany: Lucicosm Mediere invites you to sign up

Do you want safety at work? Lucicosm Mediere ensures you a transparent communication and a collaboration based on trust. You choose your job, and we facilitate the whole operation.

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We provide you with a minimum salary of 9.30 euros / hour, employment contract and medical insurance. Moreover, you will have accommodation provided at a price of 7.6 euros / day.

In order for the services offered to be complete, we also provide transportation to your workplace in Germany.

Change your life for the better and earn the money you need in no time.

Enter and find out how you can register and what the necessary documents are. For all information related to jobs in Germany, contact us 0758276994 and 0743532563.

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