What not to do at work in Germany

muncă în Germania

If you’ve signed up to work in Germany, there are a few things you need to know before you go. Inevitably, when you arrive in a foreign country, chances are you will make mistakes. In order to avoid them and spend your time as useful as possible for you, we have collected in this article some mistakes and their solutions.

Even though to err is human, you will still be the one who has to pay. Therefore, it is important to be careful and avoid these things.

If you have registered to work in Germany with Lucicosm Mediere, our team offers you support and advice throughout the duration of our collaboration.

Do not sign contracts or other documents before reading them

Any contract or document you sign binds you to its terms and conditions. It is about the employment contract, telephone contract, rental contract or any other type of contract that is handed to you. To stay out of trouble, read everything you sign and make sure you agree. If you receive documents in another language and need assistance, you can call the Lucicosm team. We are here to support you and provide you with the right solution. Take into account that if you choose to go to Germany with our company, we offer you a translated employment contract, so that you understand all its clauses well.

Do not delay paying your debts to the state if you are working in Germany

services/products that require the payment of local taxes, duties or fines, find out that the German authorities do not accept that you do not pay.

If you are late with paying a fine or a tax, then you will receive penalties and the debts grow even more. Institutions that are empowered always take all the necessary measures to recover their money. Don’t leave fines or fees unpaid.

If you can’t afford it and you need the possibility of paying in installments, then you can make a request for this. The authorities offer this possibility, if the request is justified. The radio-tv tax is what gives Romanians a headache and is paid if you live there. However, you do not have to pay the tax if you go to work in Germany with us, in the accommodation near the job.

Do not ignore correspondence from the authorities at work in Germany

German institutions use mail very often. By mail you receive notices, supporting documents (if we are talking about files for allowances or allowances. If you receive correspondence in this regard, check the date by which you have to respond. If you do not know German, call the Lucicosm team that took care of your place of the work.

Don’t leave Germany without solving your problems

vIf you still have to pay for certain services you used, resolve everything in time. The Germans give a lot of penalties, which you can also face in Romania.

Related to the recovery of fees and taxes, but also to allowances, Lucicosm Mediere takes care of the entire process.

If you have not yet registered for work in Germany, you can do so right now. Call one of the numbers displayed on the website, or come to our location in Suceava. The registration process is short and transparent. To find out more details about the facilities we offer or what jobs you can have, go to the blog: blog/ There you can find details about the employment contract, what other benefits you have with Lucicosm and what the hourly payment is.

Job offers are listed here: and on our page on Facebook we post the latest announced jobs plus benefits:


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