What Germany has to offer foreign workers


Every Romanian sees going to work in Germany as a possibility to be financially stable. And Germany sees in Romanian workers the chance to get their jobs at a lower cost. That is why statistics show that 60% of new employees in Germany are represented by foreigners.

Yes, practically Germany is full of foreigners. This is given that 10 years ago, in 2011, foreign employees accounted for only 20%.

Germany has become more open to receiving employees from other countries and, as we well know, Romanian citizens have gone there in huge numbers.

Almost 750,000 Romanians emigrated to Germany by 2019. In 2020, the number of Romanians who left for Germany bravely approached 800,000.

The net migration from Germany is represented, mostly by Romanians. They choose to go to work there precisely because they have much better conditions than in Romania.

Germany offers foreign citizens a stable job, a good book, a salary incomparable to that in Romania and the chance for a better life. Therefore, it is understandable why more and more people choose to go abroad. Moreover, the Germans are a people of polite and benevolent people. You will have the opportunity to meet people who treat you nicely and who respect you for who you are. The truth is that Romanians have a lot of very good reasons to go to Germany: from the high salary, to the lifestyle and the social context. In total, over 2 million Romanians go abroad to work, with legal forms.

As you well know, Romania cannot support a decent life with the minimum wage in the economy, especially if you are an unskilled worker. But in Germany, these unskilled workers are just as valuable and well paid as skilled workers.

Work conditions

As in any other country, working conditions in Germany are governed by laws, business contracts or employment contracts. The right to work is the one that establishes the main provisions of the employment contract and shows what are the rights and obligations of workers and employers.

In principle, Germany offers you the same conditions that it offers to German workers. Moreover, families with children receive support from the German state, offering them an allowance after the birth of children. If you are legally employed and have children, then you have the same rights as German workers.

German law does not differentiate between foreign and German workers. If you are treated differently from German workers, then you can claim your right to equal treatment. You get the same salary and you get the same benefits as any other employee in the country.

The employer has the obligation to pay all salaries, if the employees are fit and ready for work. If the employer’s problem is strictly operational and he cannot afford to continue his activity, then the employees have the right to receive their salary, because they were at the employer’s disposal.

Germany also offers you health insurance and, in principle, all the facilities that German workers have. Therefore, no matter what job you have in Germany, you will be treated equally.

Jobs in Germany with Lucicosm Mediation

Germany is a country that values foreign workers, being aware of their importance for the national economy. For this reason, Romanians are increasingly attracted to the jobs they find there. Whether you are a skilled or unskilled worker, your salary slightly exceeds 1,000 euros per month.

Lucicosm Mediere offers you jobs in Germany in agriculture, legumes, roots, fruits, in the hall or in the greenhouse. Whether you are a skilled or unskilled worker, you will have a net salary of over 9 euros / hour.

Lucicosm Mediere offers you a legal employment contract for a period of at least 56 days, medical insurance and all the facilities provided by the German state.

Moreover, we also provide transport to Germany and back, with modern and properly equipped coaches.

You will also have accommodation near the workplace at a price of 7 euros / day. The place where you will be accommodated has all the facilities: stove, refrigerator, wardrobes, beds with linen.

We offer you the complete package of services, for a complete experience in Germany. All you have to do is choose the job you want and call us to establish the details.


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