Wages have risen in Germany

munca in Germania

The good news is spreading fast. Wages in Germany provided by Lucicosm Mediere have increased considerably. The minimum wage reached 10.45 euros per hour, in hand.

This means that after 8 hours of work, at the end of the day, you are left with 8.36 euros. The good part is that the jobs we provide you are more diverse and more numerous.

The latest jobs in Germany that you can find at Lucicosm Mediere

We have been dealing with employment in Germany for over 10 years. During all this time, we only had satisfied customers. Proof are the reviews you can find both on the Lucicosm Mediere Facebook page and on Google.

We want to offer as many well-paid and attractive jobs as possible for our clients.

On the Lucicosm Mediere facebook page we keep you up to date with the latest jobs available abroad. These include:

In the radish field for August, 2022. The transport takes place by bus. Lucicosm Mediation provides the following:

In the greenhouse, with aromatic plants, departing in August. The transport is also done by bus.

In the field, at Kalarepa (White Radishes), departing in July or in the cauliflower field;

In the field of cucumbers.

In addition to these jobs, Lucicosm Mediere also offers you other jobs in Germany or other European countries. Jobs are in agriculture, in the field or in the greenhouse, in the hall or other types of jobs, periodically. As we keep in touch with German companies, we always find new opportunities for you. Follow us on facebook to be up to date with the jobs we offer you.

What facilities do you have with Lucicosm Mediere

The transport to the workplace is done with its own coaches, destined for this type of transport. The services we offer are complete, so you have a good experience and return home satisfied with the effort.

As the state salary has increased in Germany, you will now be paid 10.45 euros / hour in hand. This is the amount that belongs entirely to you, due to the work done.

Lucicosm Mediere is a company that complies with the law and we offer you an employment contract of at least 56 days and maximum 79 days. It is advisable to read the employment contract before signing it. Regardless of the chosen job, you will also have accommodation near the workplace.

The cost for accommodation is 7.5 euros for one day. The accommodation is equipped, decent and only good for daily rest. You will have a bed, wardrobes, linen and tableware, heating, toilets and showers. Moreover, you also have access to a fully equipped kitchen, so you won’t have to take all the cutlery from home with you.

The store is nearby and you can go whenever you need. Transportation to the workplace is also provided.

Because you have a legal employment contract, you will also have guaranteed medical insurance.

Lucicosm Mediere also provides transport to Germany and back to Romania, for a fee.

Why collaborate with Lucicosm Mediation for a job in Germany

Lucicosm Mediere offers you a transparent collaboration, first of all. You will know all the details about the contract, the departure and what is actually happening at work.

You will have support throughout our collaboration. Thus, if you encounter problems of any kind, call us and we will support you. With us you can collaborate periodically and you can recover your tax at the end of the contract.

To find out more about tax recovery, visit the Lucicosm Mediere blog. There I wrote detailed articles on this subject.

For registration, call us at 0758276994 or 0743532563.


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