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There are two categories of people in Romania: those who manage to find work in the country and live decently and those who are not satisfied with the Romanian system and prefer to go abroad. Statistics show that almost 600 people leave the country every day. Romania remained the largest exporter of labor in the European Union. The unseen part of it is that people really prefer to go to work in another country. What is even more obvious is that a good part of the people are in the second category: looking for work abroad. You probably want to go too, and if you don’t, you probably know someone who has been to work in Germany and you’ve heard how well they earn. Many Romanians choose to work in Germany for several months a year, after which they return home to rest. The reasons most people choose are obvious and even more so than we think: ● much higher salary. While in the country you earn about 1,500 lei per month, abroad you have an income of at least 1,000 euros / month. You can have a job paid at least 9 euros per month, along with decent living conditions. ● the impossibility to maintain one’s life in the country. Finding a job in Romania is not difficult. But it is difficult to make a living from the money you earn, as long as the expenses are as high as those of a German. 1,500 lei is not enough to support a family or to pay the bills. ● the desire to climb the social step. Happiness is easy to obtain, but the truth is that it needs money to be maintained. The most convenient option for more and more Romanians is to work abroad. There are well-known reasons why people choose to work abroad. But, many times it is about ghost jobs, ghost companies and people that you then do not find in order to be held accountable. You can’t work with anyone to work abroad. So you need to trust the company you work with to make sure your job abroad is guaranteed. How can you realize that the company is a serious one

  1. Check his site. Watch to see what they say about them, what they can assure you and how they can gain your trust.
  2. Check the facebook page. A company that offers jobs abroad will have activity on Facebook. You can take a look at the reviews to see what the people who collaborated with the company say.
  3. Take into account the experience. An experienced company is certainly not an overnight one.
  4. Check them at ITM

As for other people who want a job abroad, safety is also important for you. Lucicosm Mediere offers you the guarantee of a job, safety during the trip and help throughout your departure for work. Working with a company to find a job abroad is not just about securing a job. The company makes sure that the treatment you receive abroad is adequate and that the accommodation conditions are familiar and decent. Your advantage in collaborating with a company for a job abroad is, first of all, the guarantee of the job and the guarantee of the fulfillment of the promises made.

Do you want to be sure of the job and the money you will receive? Call a company. Lucicosm Mediere offers you a variety of jobs in Germany in agriculture. We assure you: ● Decent accommodation at a minimum price, 7.5 euros per day; ● legal contract for a minimum period of 56 days; ● An income of at least 9.35 euro / hour net; ● Medical insurance; ● Free transportation to work.

Do you want to work in Germany in agriculture? You have the chance to earn a large amount of money, based on an employment contract. We guarantee you security, transparency and seriousness in collaborating with you. Lucicosm Mediere offers you more jobs. Choose him the right one for you.

  1. Harvesting radishes;
  2. Harvesting onions
  3. Harvesting salad
  4. Harvesting carrot
  5. When picking roots
  6. Work in the hall
  7. Work in the greenhouse

On you can find out what salary you will receive and when you could go to work in Germany. Registration for the 2021 departures has already begun. If you also want to earn better and lead a decent life, then contact us at 0758276994 and 0743532563

On you can find all the information you need. Book your job abroad now in Germany


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