The best saving solutions

Saving solutions

Have you been to work in Germany and want to know the best saving solutions? Lucicosm Mediere has prepared some good tips for you to consider, if you want to save money.

You know very well that coming to Romania means that you will not have a stable income for quite a long time. And then, saving must be a lifestyle for each of us. We have already shown you, in previous articles, why it is good to save and what are the advantages.

There are no disadvantages in this process, so you only have to win. Saving solutions are everywhere, but you have to choose the best one for you and your situation.

Of course, the coronavirus pandemic has shown us all why it is important to find saving solutions in time. Because no job is safe, anyone can be replaced and problems can arise at any time that require money set aside.

So if you haven’t started saving yet, take a look at the following saving solutions and start doing it.

Saving solutions

Rule 50-30-20. Perhaps one of the most popular savings solutions, this rule involves allocating 50% of income to expenses: rent, bills, utilities and other necessities.

The 30% is allocated for what you want: whether we’re talking about clothes, outings and other things you want, but you don’t necessarily need.

The 20% go to savings. This saving solution is a very healthy one, because it can be applied regardless of the income you have. However, if you fail to comply with these percentages, there is no need to stop.

The beginning is what matters, even if your percentages are different. It is important to start saving, no matter which of the countless saving solutions you use.

The 10% rule.

From now on, calculate your income 10% less. Forget those 10%, because it’s the money you save. Let’s not forget that there are many simple solutions, but they can save you money:

  • do not leave the bulbs on. It seems like a small gesture, but it is known on invoices. Therefore, do not leave the bulbs on unnecessarily in the house.
  • buy energy-saving light bulbs. Even if they are more expensive, they consume much less, and the investment comes out in the end.
  • buy yourself a cup to filter the water. There is no need to constantly buy water from the store, when you can filter the tap water.
  • make your coffee at home. Yes, I know, nothing compares to a coffee in the city, but those 7 lei you give for coffee, you can save. And home coffee is definitely tastier. Put your coffee money into investments and you will be much happier;
  • Do you want to have a healthier lifestyle? He no longer eats in the city, but cooks at home. You will also save a lot of money;
  • take the bus and leave the car at home;
  • take food to the home office;
  • do your shopping at supermarkets at low prices.

Keep a journal

Saving solutions

Keep a journal of expenses. It’s not enough to split your money in your head and put it aside to save. It’s good to know exactly where the money is going and what. This way, you will be able to see later which are the places where you can improve and where you can save more.

Write down every expense you make and don’t forget to stay on schedule. In fact, this saving solution also has a name: kakeibo. Hani Motoko, a journalist, came up with the idea for this saving technique: an expense diary.

Today, there are several banking applications that can keep a journal of expenses for you, including Revolut and BRD. It is very important to know what you spend your money on, so that you know where you can save.

Make plans. If you are not motivated to save, think about what you would like to have but cannot afford. A more expensive car? A state-of-the-art phone? When you are motivated, any saving solution is more attractive. Therefore, make it clear in your head what you want to do with the money, and then you will collect more.


Put the money in a savings account. Depending on how convenient you are, you can choose a CAR or a bank to deposit your savings. It is important to study the market and see what the terms and conditions are and where you find the most attractive interest rates.

This way, you will be even more motivated to save. You can open a deposit or savings account or you can sign up for a CAR in your city. It is important to have a reliable source of savings.

Have you ever faced an unexpected situation that requires some money that you did not have? Surely you wouldn’t want to go through this again, so it’s good to put money aside, in a sock, for less sunny days.

Remember, the reasons why you are looking for saving solutions are strictly for you. Saving solutions will help you be more financially stable.

If you want a more stable income and more money that you can set aside, sign up for a job in Germany. Registrations for Lucicosm Mediere have already started, and your job in Germany in 2021 is waiting for you. On our website and facebook you can find all the details you need.


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