Strawberry picking


Jobs available in Germany🇩🇪 picking strawberries 🍓 in the field. It offers:

🍓12 euros/hour NET (in hand),

🍓 accommodation 10 euros / day,

🍓 legal contract period of at least 56 calendar days,

🍓 shopping is done once a week,

🍓 medical insurance,

🍓Pupils or students over 18 years old and able to work.

🍓Free WIFI,

🍓 recommended for women,

🍓 working time 8 hours / day,

🍓excellent accommodation conditions, with the possibility of preparing food..

❗️Our partner from Germany is looking for 2 categories of people:

1. able-bodied persons aged up to 45, especially WOMEN, who have worked with a work permit in the last 3 calendar months or whose husband/wife is still working.

2. people from special categories – pupils or students – who are able to work and come with proof that they are following an education cycle.

️ ️ Details and Registration from MONDAY to FRIDAY in the time interval 8-16: 0755 091 011.


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