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departures to Germany

Lucicosm Mediere starts registration for departures to Germany. We offer a variety of jobs in Germany, complete mediation and counseling services throughout the process.

In this article, you will find out what jobs we are talking about, what you have to earn and how we can support you.

Why do Romanians choose to register for departures in Germany

The reasons are obvious. However, a recent statement by Prime Minister Florin Câțu says that around 1 million Romanians have returned to the country and found jobs. But in the field of IT, which requires a complex training that, perhaps, many of those returned have obtained abroad.

The IT field is flourishing in Romania, here where we have one of the best internet speeds, and the game development industry has caught on.

The other reality, beyond the IT field, is that an equally large number of Romanians choose to go to Germany. There they secured a decent salary and a work card. But more importantly, going to Germany gives them financial stability.

Romania is a beautiful country and no one disputes that. However, in terms of income and expenses, the gaps are huge. That is why the minimum expenses of a family are often equal to a minimum income (for the whole family).

This means that many Romanians should think about a more expensive education, the improvement of their place of residence or the achievement of society’s standards. Something that can’t be done. It is these gaps that are responsible for departures to Germany.

But the situation is not as unpleasant as it seems, because a job in Germany comes with a lot of facilities.

Why sign up for departures to Germany

For starters, a job in Germany offers you all those things that a job in Romania can’t offer you: a salary that will cover all your expenses and allow you to save or invest in your dreams.

A job in Germany offers you a decent work schedule, a salary of over 9 euros per hour, health insurance, accommodation and an employment contract.

At Lucicosm Mediere you will not work “illegally”, you will have a work card.

In fact, all the jobs we provide you with are work cards.

You can work for at least 56 days, after which you can return to the country to manage your money.

What jobs does Lucicosm Mediere offer you?

Stop thinking and give up looking for jobs in Suceava. Turn to Lucicosm Mediation and choose the job in Germany that suits you best.

We offer you jobs in agriculture, pulses, in the greenhouse or in the hall. Moreover, Lucicosm Mediere offers you transportation to work.

The services we offer you are complete and we make sure you feel safe, and the collaboration relationship is based on transparency and seriousness.

In addition to transportation, you also have accommodation. So, when you arrive in Germany you will not stay on the roads, but you have a guaranteed accommodation at the place of work you choose.

Moreover, throughout our collaboration we offer you mediation and we are here to answer every question related to your departure.

Lucicosm Mediation Facilities

Collaboration with Lucicosm Mediation comes with a lot of facilities, all absolutely necessary for a job.

Once you have chosen to go to Germany and have chosen the job you prefer, Lucicosm comes to your aid.

We offer transportation to work in Germany. The vehicles we own are modern, comfortable and the overhaul is up to date.

As the pandemic is still a danger to our health, vehicles are regularly disinfected. Also, at the entrance you will find a disinfectant that we urge you to use.

We guarantee your accommodation. Once you have chosen a job, Lucicosm Mediere provides you with decent accommodation near the workplace, with all the facilities included. Accommodation costs 7.5 euros per day.

We provide you with an employment contract. In addition, your salary will be 9.35 euros / hour, net.

You have medical insurance and transport from accommodation to work is also provided. You can also go shopping once a week.

Register now for departures to Germany

Get in touch with us, choose your favorite job and sign up for departures to Germany.

Registration for 2021 has begun, and your job is waiting for you.

You can find us at the phone numbers 0758276994 and 0743532563.

Enter the Lucicosm Mediation blog to find out more details about going to Germany, how we can support you and what your benefits are.


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