Placement to work abroad. Essential regulations

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The overseas staffing industry is a complex field subject to strict regulations designed to protect both employers and candidates. Companies like Lucicosm Mediere, specialized in this sector, are required to follow a series of legal procedures in order to operate efficiently and legally.

Registration and Legal Compliance

In order to operate legally, any mediation company for employment abroad, including Lucicosm Mediere, must register with the Territorial Labor Inspectorate. This is a legal requirement outlined in law no. 156/2000 and H.G. no. 384/2001, with subsequent amendments and additions. These laws ensure that all mediation activities are carried out fairly and transparently.

What role do mediation companies play?

Mediation companies have the role of informing, advising and mediating Romanian citizens for obtaining a job abroad. Lucicosm Mediere, for example, is recognized for its professionalism and experience in this field, offering a complete package of services for candidates.

If you are from Suceava or its surroundings and want to get a job in Germany, we invite you to contact us.

An important aspect to mention is that the mediation activity should not cost the candidates. Current legislation prohibits the charging of fees or commissions for these services.

Registration and documents are required for work placement abroad

The ITM registration process requires the submission of a series of documents, including evidence of authorization as an employment agent, the company’s financial statement and documents attesting to human resources qualifications. These documents ensure the transparency and legality of the activities of the company that places labor abroad.

ITM notification for work placement abroad

For cross-border placement activities, firms are required to notify the ITM 5 business days prior to commencement of services. This includes submitting a registered letter and relevant documentation.

Overseas staffing firms are also required to report quarterly to the ITM the details of persons placed and employed abroad. This is a legal requirement for all companies with permanent headquarters in Romania.

Choose to go to work abroad with Lucicosm Mediere

Choosing to work abroad can be an important step in your career. Lucicosm Mediere offers you access to a wide range of opportunities, in various fields, adapted to your skills and professional aspirations. With a solid base of international partners, the company ensures that every candidate has the chance to find a job that offers not only a competitive salary, but also the opportunity for personal and professional development.

Procesul de aplicare pentru un loc de muncă prin intermediul Lucicosm Mediere este simplu și transparent. Candidații sunt asistați în completarea documentației necesare și sunt consiliați pentru a alege cea mai bună opțiune. În plus, ne asigurăm că toate ofertele de muncă sunt conform legislației și oferă condiții de lucru decente.

Workforce placement requires close attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of applicable legislation. Lucicosm Mediere is committed to complying with all these requirements and, above all, to comply with the needs of the candidates.

For those interested in work opportunities abroad, the company has opened registrations for the year 2024. Detailed information about salaries and departure dates are available on the website and on the company’s Facebook page.

To find out more and book a job abroad, candidates are invited to contact Lucicosm Mediere on phone numbers 0758276994 and 0743532563.


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