Picking raspberries


Works in decent conditions in Germany�, picking raspberries 🍓, departing in MAY and JUNE by busℹ️ Information and Details can be found only between 08-16, daily, from MONDAY to FRIDAY, at the phone numbers: 0758276994 or 0743532563 .

You are offered the following:

👌🍓 9.50 euro / hour NET (in hand) until sf. June 🍓 9.60 euro / hour NET (in hand) starting with July legal legal contract period min 56 calendar days 🍓 accommodation 8 euro / day medical medical insurance 🍓 shopping once a week 🍓 at work are taken special hygiene, protection and prevention measures against # Coronavirus..❗️Our partner in Germany is looking for only 2 categories of people: 1. able-bodied persons who are up to 45 years of age and who have worked with a work permit in the last 3 calendar days or the spouse is still working.2. people from special categories – pupils or students – who are fit for work and come with proof that they are following an educational cycle.

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