Myths about work in Germany

work in germany

For 30 years, Romanians have been choosing to go to work in Germany. During all this time, a lot of companies that place labor abroad have grown and developed. Plus, more and more people are choosing this option: because the salaries are higher, the conditions are good and you work with a contract.

However, as in any field, all kinds of myths about working in Germany have appeared. If you want a job abroad, but don’t know what to believe or what to expect, here we debunk the most common myths about working in Germany.

In addition, if you do not know what such a job entails, we have written more information on our blog that will be useful to you and clarify many of the questions you have. To get to the blog more easily, you have the link here:

In addition, we have also prepared a video gallery on the website, with clips from the workplaces provided by our company. There you see exactly how the activity works and what it entails.

In Germany you work too much

Not. When you work in Germany, you work as if you were working in Romania. Yes, sometimes it can be more hours, but they are all paid and are not more than 10-12 hours a day.

Plus you can choose whether you stay extra or not. In Germany, dogs don’t stand on their tails, but you’re also not forced to work more than you can. It is a normal physical activity, just like a job in the field or greenhouse in Romania.

At jobs in Germany you are obliged to work

It may sound strange, but yes, there is such a myth. No one forces you to work. Just like in any other country, in Germany you have a working schedule that you have to respect. You are entitled to days off, you have days off during the week and no one is telling you to do the work faster. It is a human workplace, with people who respect each other.

You must pay fees to the brokerage firm

Not. There are no hidden, unwarranted, or unknowable fees. At Lucicosm Mediere we discuss absolutely all the details up front, so you will know all the expenses that exist. If the company is legal, you won’t have to pay absurd fees. It is preferable to use a company that works legally, because that way you will have a job guarantee.

Illegal companies or individuals do not guarantee employment. You can pay extra money that you never get back, and you can even lose your job. A legal firm insures you by all legal means, so that you lose absolutely nothing.

Jobs in Germany with Lucicosm

If you too are looking for a safe and well-paid job in Germany, Lucicosm Mediere offers you jobs with a work contract and well-paid. The salary you receive is more than 10 euros per hour, in hand. With us you also benefit from accommodation, transport and support from our team. So you can go to work without any worries, because Lucicosm takes care of all aspects of the job in Germany.

To find out more about the jobs and the benefits you have, go to the blog and read more information.

Also, on our Facebook page we periodically post all the jobs we make available: in the field, in agriculture, in the greenhouse or in the hall. Give us a follow there too to stay up to date.


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