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munca la sera Germania

Did you sign up for a job in the greenhouse Germany? In this article you will find all the information that will be useful to you there.

As you know, you are among the majority of Romanians who have chosen a better life. You will have a more than satisfactory salary and the opportunity to carry out all your plans. Working in the greenhouse Germany is all the more advantageous as the cold period is here, and you will be protected from the harsh cold outside.

For starters, here are the conditions you will have to work in the greenhouse Germany.

You will have accommodation provided near the workplace in the greenhouse Germany

Lucicosm Mediere provides accommodation in the immediate vicinity of the workplace. This accommodation is guaranteed. We are sure you have heard of those cases where people go to Germany without accommodation. Which can only bring uncertainty.

You will not get to work on time, you will not be able to rest and you will not have a place to leave your things. Nobody likes to be on the road. Our advice is not to accept any job that does not guarantee your accommodation abroad. You will be in a foreign house with no roof over your head. And if you don’t even know German or English, you’ll be stuck.

Lucicosm Mediere provides accommodation near your place of work. Accommodation comes at a decent price, a little over 7 euros / day. Moreover, you will have all the necessary utilities: bathroom, shower, closets and kitchen. The accommodation is heated and sanitized so that you will feel at home.

If you want to know some details about what your luggage must contain in Germany, enter the Lucicosm Mediere blog. I wrote some articles with useful information about your departure for work.

You will have an employment contract and health insurance

In addition to the good living conditions you will have at work in the German greenhouse, Lucicosm Mediere offers you a perfectly legal collaboration. Thus, you will have an employment contract for a minimum period of 56 days. Details on what an employment contract looks like and what it contains can be found by accessing the following link: greenhouse contract Germany .

Moreover, you will also have health insurance. If certain medical problems arise, whether major or minor, you will be taken to a specialist. What is important to know is that a job in Germany is the same as a job in Romania. Salary is the main difference between the two.

If certain personal or health problems arise, they can be addressed to the managers who will come up with the right solutions for you. You will be free to act as you see fit. Being a job that requires physical effort, it is good not to have back problems, to be resistant to stress and physical exertion and to be able to work a number of at least 3-4 hours without a break.

How is work in the greenhouse Germany

Once you have signed the contract and decided to go to work in the greenhouse, your financial future looks good. Working in the greenhouse involves working in a covered space, away from wind, rain and snow. Lucicosm Mediation is in full search of people who want to earn more money and who are capable of physical effort.

We provide jobs in picking herbs in the greenhouse, with departures at the end of this year (2021). Here are your benefits:

  • 9.60 euro / hour NET (money in hand)
  • insured medical insurance
  • the duration of the employment contract is a maximum of 79 calendar days!
  • 1 hour break
  • accommodation of 7.5 euros per day
  • Medical insurance provides special hygiene and prevention measures against the insured Covid19

The maximum age allowed for new employees is 45 years. Moreover, given the pandemic context, the covid test 19 is provided.

You can register quickly by calling one of the following numbers: 0758276994 and 0743532563. Places are limited. Find out details about the latest places, but also about the conditions at work in the greenhouse Germany by following us both on our blog and on the page of facebook .


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