Jobs in Germany

jobs in germany

Jobs in Germany have become more and more numerous, whether it is money or experience. People want financial independence and many know they can’t find it in Romania.

The latest statistics show that the unemployment rate has risen in the country. But that a large number of Romanians have opted for jobs in Germany.

And that’s because salaries are higher, and the chances of achieving financial independence increase considerably.

You already know that salaries in Germany can be 4 times higher than in Romania. This is given that, for the most part, the prices of staple foods in Germany do not differ from those in Romania. There are deep ditches between the two countries that will not be overcome any time soon, but all we can do is fight for a better life.

Surely you also want to not worry about money, bills to be paid or the needs of the family you support. For many Romanians, the answer to these impediments is a job in Germany. Whether we are talking about agriculture, horeca or cleaning, Germany has become very tender for Romanians. At the same time, Germany is looking at our country with great interest, because it knows that their human resource is here.

jobs in germany


It is a win-win situation, because the German government is also trying to please the Romanian workforce and offer them decent conditions and adequate salaries.

Surely you know at least one person who went to work in Germany and at least one other person who does not return home except on vacation. This is the situation and it is not necessarily an unfortunate one.

The search for jobs in Germany has become fierce, especially since wages there have risen and living conditions have become even better.

Do not miss the opportunity to pass by and apply for a job in Germany.

The main benefit you will get is a large amount of money in a short time. That amount of money can be the answer to some problems you have. You can make a major investment without having to take out a loan or borrow money from friends. And that’s just a few months of work.

A job in Germany, in just a few months can ensure your one-year salary in Romania. Yes, that’s the situation.

And if you’re in doubt and you don’t know whether to look for a job in Germany, here’s why you should start doing it now: reasons to go to work abroad.

Jobs in Germany: benefits

If you choose a job through Lucicosm Mediation, you will receive a salary of 9.35 euros / hour net.

That means at least 1,600 euros a month on a 40-hour-a-week schedule. After a few months, you’ll be able to stop worrying about next year’s bills. You will be able to change the furniture in the house or fix what you have been postponing for a long time.

Lucicosm Mediere also provides accommodation at only 7.5 euros / day. This means that in less than an hour of your schedule you will work for the place you are staying for. How many days do you work in Romania for a rent of 250 euros per month? The differences can be huge, and the balance is always tilting in favor of jobs in Germany.

And if that didn’t convince you, Lucicosm Mediere provides you with transportation and a work permit. Moreover, some companies in Germany also offer health insurance, bear the cost of relocation and may pay fees for children’s schools.

Jobs in Germany: Companies

German companies offer a lot of specific benefits for foreign workers.

We are attracted to these jobs not only for the high salary and benefits there, but also for the reputation that Germany has, a civilized country where you can lead a better life.

Lucicosm Mediere offers you 100% safe and legal Germany jobs. We are committed to being with you, so we guide you through every process you encounter. Your obligations are minimal, but the gains are at the highest level. We provide transport, accommodation and advice throughout your departure. You will not be alone, and we will guide you in the whole process.

Book your job now in Germany and give us a call at 0758276994 and 0743532563. If you are looking for a job in Germany, Lucicosm Mediere is for you.

We offer you jobs in agriculture (picking onions, lettuce, carrots, roots), hall and greenhouse.

Financial stability is closer to you than you think. Dare to be independent and now take your job abroad.

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