Jobs in Germany with an employment contract

muncă în Germania

Most Romanians are looking for a job in Germany with an employment contract. Rising inflation and national insecurity are pushing more and more people to seek solutions internationally. More than 600 Romanians go to work every day in other countries. The most common destination? Germany.

Romania is still the largest exporter of labor in Romania. The important thing to know is that people really prefer to go to work abroad. If you want such a job, in this article you will learn how to register and what are your benefits.

In general, Romanians work abroad for several months a year, and in the remaining period they return to rest. There is no doubt that such a job can change your financial status.

Reasons to choose a job in Germany

The salary can be 5 times higher than in Romania. If in the country you earn only 1,500 lei, in Germany you earn at least 1,500 euros per month. You will have a job that is paid over 9.50 euros per month.

Decent living conditions. You have your own space for cooking, sleeping and resting. Accommodation conditions in Germany are hygienic and decent. Moreover, they are priced at 7 euros / day, less than you earn in an hour of work.

Financial conditions. It is not difficult to find a job in Romania, but it is very difficult to live on 1500 lei per month. With the money you earn in Germany, you can easily change your life and complete all your plans.

Romanians calculate their options well, and working abroad remains in the top of preferences. However, be careful because many jobs are ghosts or meant to charge you fees and commissions, without keeping promises. Don’t collaborate with anyone who promises you a job outside. Choose to work with a serious company that has reviews and experience in the field of employment.

Choose a company with experience in employment

How to do that? Make sure the company meets certain conditions.

Check the site and the information presented. Find out what benefits they offer you and how they can be trusted. Also go to the facebook page and check what the reviews or comments say. A job placement company will have a facebook page and therefore some activity there. Don’t forget the experience and the promises he makes. A company with more than 2-3 years of activity will offer you higher quality and more secure services.

Lucicosm Mediere offers you secure jobs in Germany with a work contract. Moreover, throughout the collaboration with us, you will receive free consultancy. Here you will find a variety of jobs, including jobs in agriculture, in the field, in the greenhouse or in the shed, picking fruit or legumes. All the jobs you find with us are paid at over 9 euros / hour, and the work schedule is around 8 hours / day, with Sunday off. Here are the benefits:

  • accommodation at the minimum price, 7.50 euro / day;
  • legal employment contract;
  • minimum income of 9.80 euro / hour;
  • free health insurance and transportation to work.

On more details about the jobs provided. Registrations for 2022 have started, and if you want to earn better, contact us at 0758276994 and 0743532563. On you will find all the information you need. Book your job abroad in Germany now.


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