Jobs in Germany for 2023

locuri de munca Germania

Looking for Germany jobs for 2023? Lucicosm Mediere offers you secure jobs, without commission and with an employment contract.

In addition, Lucicosm Mediere offers you integrated services. This means that our company deals with recruitment as well as employment, transport, accommodation and consultancy. Basically, with us you can find everything you need to work legally and safely in Germany.

In this article we detail the integrated services we offer, and at the end you will also find the jobs we offer at Lucicosm for the year 2023.

Integrated mediation services at Lucicosm

Recruitment. Our company offers you a rich catalog of jobs from which you can choose. We have available jobs in the field, in agriculture, as well as jobs in the hall or in the greenhouse. Depending on what you want to do, you can choose a job. We note that all jobs are equally well paid, with the salary being clearly specified at the beginning.

Employment. Once you have chosen the job you want, the hiring process begins. We need some documents to complete the employment contract, following its signing. You will be employed with a work permit and you will have all the related benefits. The hiring process is super easy, without the need to come to the office many times.

Transport. After you have decided on the place of work and signed the mediation documents, the transport follows on the date agreed together. Departures are usually weekly, depending on demand and needs. If you choose a job in Germany for 2023 in March, for example, then the departure takes place 2-3 days before starting the actual activity. We pick you up from your home and take you to your accommodation. We also provide return transport, Germany Romania.

Accommodation. Our company also provides you with accommodation near your chosen workplace. Accommodation is at the price of 7.5 euros/day. You will also have a kitchen, cupboards, toilet and everything you need for your home.

Consultancy. Once you arrive in Germany you will not be alone! Our team is just a phone call away if you need information or help of any kind.

Jobs in Germany for 2023

We have already opened the registration list for 2023. Salaries are 12 euros/hour, in hand.

On our facebook page and website we constantly post available jobs and all the details you need for 2023.

The jobs we have available for the year 2023 are in agriculture, in the field, in the hall or in the greenhouse. We occasionally offer other jobs such as drivers or carers.

Ca să fii la curent cu aceste oferte, te invităm să ne urmărești pe pagina de facebook Lucicosm Mediere.

The advantages you have:

  • Contractual period min 56 days – maximum 79 days;
  • Legal employment contract;
  • Accommodation: 7.5 euros / DAY;
  • Guaranteed medical insurance;
  • Return transport for a fee;
  • Access to the kitchen, modern and fully equipped;
  • Transport provided to the workplace.
  • Grocery store access;

In addition, through our company you also recover the tax or allowance at the end of the employment contract. Basically, you earn extra money. I wrote more details on our blog:

To get a job in Germany for 2023, you only need to call us at one of the phone numbers displayed on the website. A member of the Lucicosm team will answer you promptly and you will find out all the details you need.


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