Jobs in Germany for 2022

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Lucicosm Mediation has started the registration campaign for a job in Germany for 2022. We know that jobs in Germany are in high demand, even in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. People want financial stability, and statistics show that in recent years more and more Romanians choose to go to Germany to earn their money.

Germany remains the largest importer of labor, and Romania – the largest exporter. And things are just going for the better. Lucicosm Mediation, a mediation firm in Suceava County, offers you a variety of jobs. If you’re still undecided, here are a few reasons why you should consider a job abroad. 

Why go to work in Germany

Every time this question is asked, the answers are obvious. However, there are many Romanians who still look with reluctance to go to Germany, out of ignorance or fear of change. A job in Germany can bring you:

  • financial stability and freedom of decision
  • a stable and well-paid job
  • the chance to put your plans into practice
  • the chance to put your plans into practice …

A job in Germany only comes with benefits. If you have decided to take this step, find out that the benefits are innumerable. You have the chance for a stable, legal and well paid job. The new year is knocking at the door and he is usually greeted with debts or the payment of bills at the limit. The beginning of the year means debt, money spent on gifts, higher bills, and wasted savings. Break the vicious circle and choose to go to Germany in 2022. Lucicosm Mediere has started the campaign and we invite you to sign up for January, February or March. Jobs are available in the field, in the greenhouse or in the hall.

What jobs in Germany does Lucicosm Mediere offer you?

Lucicosm Mediere acoperă o largă arie a locurilor de muncă. De-a lungul timpului ne-am dat seama că oamenii își doresc locuri de muncă diverse și care să se plieze pe abilitățile lor. De aceea, Lucicosm Mediere îți pune la dispoziție locuri de muncă în hală, în seră sau în câmp. Ocazional, punem la dispoziția ta și locuri de muncă pe post de șofer profesionist. În acest sens, te invităm să ne urmărești pe pagina de facebook pentru a afla ultimele noutăți. 

In the field we offer you the following jobs: picking legumes, roots and picking fruit. Depending on your physical skills and abilities, you can choose the job you want.

What benefits does Lucicosm Mediation offer you in 2022

As I have the road to the new season, you should also find out how the collaboration with us is useful for you. Lucicosm Mediere carries out a completely legal activity and we are committed, from the very beginning, to offer you a serious, professional and transparent collaboration.

We provide you with the desired job with legal forms (employment contract and insurance) and we offer you accommodation near the workplace. Accommodation costs about 7 euros per day.

Regardless of the chosen job, you will be paid over 9 euros / hour. The work schedule is around 8-10 hours. The places we put at your disposal are limited, so we invite you to register as soon as possible at the phone numbers 0758276994 and 0743532563.


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