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Looking for a job? In this article you will find the advantages and disadvantages for Suceava jobs and for Germany jobs.

We know, it can be easier to be at home with your family and go back to bed every day. But how does this help you if you don’t have a good financial situation?

If you are looking for Suceava jobs, you have to take into account several aspects.

Take into account the training you have, the income you will have and how it can solve your problems. If you are an unskilled worker, you will have a problem with your income.

You know that salaries are not bright in Suceava. Sure, you’ll be able to live, but on the verge of survival. More than likely you will not be able to make the major changes you have set out to do.

Only if you access a loan. If you want jobs in Germany, although you will stay away from your loved ones for a while, your income will increase considerably.

Pros and cons: Suceava jobs

Looking for jobs in Suceava can be complicated. A job in our country is difficult, especially if you want a decent salary.

The culture of the employer is shaky throughout Romania and you will be able to encounter stereotypes and problems.

Then you know that salaries are just as weak. The minimum income you would have is around 1500 lei. If you are part of a family and your life partner works, your income increases.

Jobs Suceava: are you sure you want this?

But spending is also rising. A lot of people live on the minimum income in Romania, but it is difficult to grow and develop in such a situation.

Then the pandemic period makes everything uncertain. The job here could be lost at any time, because employers also run into problems.

However, a job in Suceava also has its pros.

Even if you are an unskilled worker, you have the chance to find a job where you can earn an amount of over 2000 lei. You would be close to family, home and you could live your life quietly, comfortably and fulfilled.

Even if the savings you make would be small, you could access a loan and make the changes you wanted.

Of course, Suceava has a lot of job opportunities. However, these are qualified and experienced people. Even so, Suceava remains the county with the lowest salaries in the country.

Of course, to all these arguments are added the subjective factors that influence your decision.

A health problem, yours or that of a family member can make you look for jobs in Suceava.

In any case, the decision you will make will be the best precisely because it fits your needs.

Pros and cons: Germany jobs

If you are thinking of looking for Germany jobs, know that you are not the only one. It is known that Romania is an exporter of labor. And this is also based on the reasons why you would not choose to work in Suceava.

People go to work in Germany for two main reasons: the low salary in Romania and the high salary in Germany.

It is not about materialism, but money supports a happy life.

Therefore, you will find several reasons why you could choose a job in Germany.

For starters, the salary. It is much, much bigger than the one in Romania.

As an unskilled worker, if you choose the mediation company Lucicosm Jobs you will receive a salary of 9.50 euros / hour (in hand). If you think that living and accommodation can be expensive, find out that it is not.

Although the salary is so high, the expenses do not exceed those in Romania. And Lucicosm Mediere provides you with accommodation for only 7.5 euros / day.

If you are worried that you will work without a work permit, Lucicosm Mediere will provide you with a work permit for a period of at least 56 days.

If you are looking for a job in Germany you have more to gain.

In addition to salary and work card, you will have decent accommodation, transport and a job suitable for you. You will not be forced to do anything you cannot or do not want.

As with any mediation company, at Lucicosm Mediere you choose your job. Whether you want it in the hall or in the greenhouse, the choice is yours.

The disadvantage in this equation is the distance for a short period of family. However, the money you make in Germany could cover your one-year expenses in Romania.

If in doubt, find out that the job is safe. You have transportation and no one forces you to do anything. It’s like a job in Romania, only better paid.

Lucicosm Mediere has started the registration for Germany jobs

Have you decided to look for jobs in Germany? Perfect!

Lucicosm Mediere has just started registering for Germany jobs. Find out from the following article which jobs you can choose: Germany jobs.

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