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Many people have already thought about opting for Germany jobs. This is because such a job comes with innumerable advantages that, often, cannot be found in Romania. You want financial independence and in Romania you can’t meet it, especially if you are an unskilled worker. You also want to have the security of tomorrow and the possibility to fulfill as many needs and desires as possible. A job in Germany can guarantee you all these things.

If you are worried about living or working conditions, find out that the difference between a job in Romania and one in Germany is just the salary.

In Germany, a salary can be even 4 times higher than your income in Romania. And yes, you can have it. Moreover, whether it is agriculture or work in the hall or in the greenhouse, the workload is the same.

And if you worry about the expenses you have there, find out that they are not much higher than in Romania. Germany is known for its economic stability and the way it manages the entire financial sector.

So the Germans earn very well, and the expenses are not very high. While in Romania the expenses can reach the amount of a minimum wage per economy.

It goes without saying that people prefer to go to work in Germany. The job comes with financial stability and all the facilities you would have in Romania. This is exactly what we want to offer you at Lucicosm Mediere: a job that will satisfy you from all points of view.

Who is Lucicosm Mediation - jobs Germany

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We are a mediation company that has been operating in the field for over 10 years. During all this time, we made sure that each client found the right job and enjoyed the facilities it comes with.

We offer you a complete package of services, starting with consulting, registration and finding the right place and up to transport back to Romania.

We cover the entire range of services required in the field of employment abroad. All this is done based on collaborations based on seriousness, commitment and transparency.

We offer you all the details you need and all the decisions are in your hands. I am also here for advice, help and any work related issues.

As we know that you may have doubts, we guarantee your job security by the fact that we are an experienced company that operates legally.

Jobs Germany: what benefits do you have

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For starters, you need to know it’s a job like any other. Our entire activity is based on a long and prosperous collaboration with companies in Germany that need manpower. Given the need of the German state, find out that your benefits are often more numerous than those of a German resident.

At Lucicosm Mediere, regardless of the job you choose, you will receive a salary of 9.35 euro / hour net (in hand) and you will have a work card. A simple calculation results in at least 1,600 euros for 40 hours / week worked.

After two months in Germany, you will be able to forget about bills for a long time. Also through Lucicosm you also benefit from accommodation near the workplace at a price of 7.5 euro / day. Less than an hour of your salary is given on this accommodation. Yes, these amounts sound good, considering the amounts spent on rents in Romania.

Each time, the differences in spending between Romania and Germany can be enormous. But every time Germany wins. There you will also have health insurance and, many times, Germany also bears the allowance or fees for children’s schools. This is one of the main reasons why Romanians choose to go to Germany.

Lucicosm Mediere also provides you with round-trip transport with its own coach, equipped and modern, with all the facilities you need.

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Apply now for a job in Germany

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Stop thinking and book your job in Germany now. Also keep in mind that places are limited and call us in advance to discuss all the details.

Book your job now in Germany and give us a call at 0758276994 and 0743532563. If you are looking for a job in Germany, Lucicosm Mediere is for you.

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We offer you jobs in agriculture (picking onions, lettuce, carrots, roots), hall and greenhouse.


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