Jobs Germany: recovery of taxes and allowances

locuri de munca Germania

When looking for jobs in Germany, it is important to choose a company that deals with the recovery of taxes and duties.

Lucicosm Mediere is a company with experience in the market. We have been working in Germany for over 11 years. All our customers were satisfied. Proof? The reviews we receive daily.

Here is what those who chose to collaborate with Lucicosm Mediere on Facebook write:

Vlad B: It’s a very serious company I’ve been with for 15 years. I recommend!

Ionuț L. Serious and reliable company. recommend

Daniela E .: It’s a serious company, I’ve been working here for years and I’ve always taken the right money

Cătălin P .: A serious company, good conditions, liquidation is paid until the last cent. Every person has their place in the company, if you can’t work in one place, they change you and move you where you can, you just have to want to work. Everyone leaves with money, and those who give their interest leave with a lot of money.

Germany is a country where salaries are very high, compared to those in Romania. That is why Romanians prefer to go to work in Germany. The conditions are very good, the standard of living is higher, and the salaries are much higher. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can find a job in Germany with Lucicosm Mediere.

What jobs do you find in agriculture in Germany?

When you work for a reputable company, you get paid well. At Lucicosm, both skilled and unskilled people can find a well-paid job. Moreover, taxes can be recovered with our help.

In Germany, for the unskilled you can find jobs in agriculture, in the greenhouse, in the hall, in construction.

At Lucicosm Mediere you can work on picking fruits, legumes or roots.

Enter the following link and see what other jobs you can find with us:

Lucicosm Mediere is a serious company, with all the right documents. Regardless of the job you take with us, you will have a contract of employment, insurance, accommodation and counseling. We help you with answers and tips throughout your work trip to Germany.

Here, you will work about 8-10 hours a day, depending on the production demand. You have daily lunch breaks, and Sunday is free. You also receive a weekly salary from your salary so that you can go shopping for food and other necessary goods.

If the chosen job is too hard for you, you can choose another one from there and make the job easier. The important thing is to be willing to work.

Call us on 0758276994 or 0743532563 to find out more details and availability.

For other details you can find us at the headquarters in Suceava, on Str. Resort, Nr. 2 72028.

What documents are required for tax and allowance recovery

To prepare your tax and allowance recovery file in Germany, you need the following documents:

  • Copy of husband / wife bulletin (if applicable)
  • Copy of marriage certificate / divorce decision / death certificate (if applicable);
  • Copy of birth certificate + copy of ID (as appropriate);
  • Documents issued by the employer (tax file, employment contract, accommodation card, salary flyers);
  • In the case of these documents, if they are not in your possession, they will be obtained by us.

All these documents can be handed in personally at the Lucicosm Mediere office in Suceava. If you do not have the opportunity to arrive at the headquarters, you can scan the documents and send them to Enter your email and contact details so we can call you if you have any questions.

Tax and allowance recovery is only possible for people who have worked in Germany with a legal employment contract. Therefore, it is important to work with a company that guarantees that you work with a legal employment contract. For more details call 0743532563.


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