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Warehouse jobs for packaging various products: shampoos, detergents, wines, chocolate, tires (only for men), perishable products 4 degrees (not a slaughterhouse), etc., in Germany. Departure on October 8, 2021.

Offered: 💡 9.6 euro / hour gross.

💡 contract valid until 17.12.2021

💡 there is no age limit

💡 rent Germany – 150 euro / month / person.

💡 8 hours of work Monday-Friday

💡 net salary (in hand) 1000 – 1100 euros, the rent and the work book or the tax are low

💡 leave 2 days / month and is paid in cash upon liquidation.

💡 the salary is received on the 10th for the previous month cash or in the account.

💡 on the 20th of the month an advance is paid for personal expenses

💡 accommodation with 4 or 2 people in the room depending on the selection made by the company.

💡 work equipment provided by the employing company.

💡 the employing company reimburses 90 euros for round trip transport, only on condition that the full contract has been complied with by December 17th.

📞 Details and Registration 0758276994 and 0743532563.

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