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It is a certainty: jobs in Germany are increasingly in demand. Therefore, Lucicosm Mediere has dedicated its work to finding the right jobs for you.

If you want financial independence and a job that can get rid of bills, opt for a job in Germany.

The summer period is perfect for such an activity, because you will have the opportunity to earn more money and carry out your activity in a pleasant environment. Because we noticed that you are looking for various jobs, we offer you more options to choose from.

Lucicosm activity in the field of employment in Germany

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Lucicosm Mediere has over 9 years of experience in this field. From the beginning, you have been our priority. We have done our best to offer you more than decent conditions and well-paid jobs. Also, our collaborators were always satisfied with the people we managed to hire.

Our vision was to offer you a safe collaboration and a complete experience. Of course, on our way we came across dissatisfied people, but every time we fixed the problem. Each service we offer you aims to achieve a complete collaboration, so as to bring you the desired results.

Lucicosm was established in 1996, and since then we have expanded our range of services. Thus, we also obtained the license for international passenger transport. Through our company you will also benefit from transport to work in Germany.

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Lucicosm company meets all the legislative conditions of the Romanian state

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Currently, the company is based in Suceava, in its own space in the Obcini neighborhood. We wanted to meet your needs in the most professional and enjoyable way possible.

From the first discussion, our team is with you to give you advice on the most suitable job and information about the whole process. We ensure a transparent and 100% legal collaboration. We offer you a variety of jobs, all with employment, motivating salary and decent conditions.

Moreover, regardless of the decision you make, you will also benefit from accommodation near your job. The road to Germany and back home shouldn’t be a hassle either, because we also offer you transport services. The entire activity is made available to you in a professional, transparent manner and at excellent prices.

From the services offered we mention:

  1. National and international passenger transport
  2. Coach and minibus rental
  3. Job placement in Germany
  4. Recovery of taxes and duties
  5. Tax and employment consultancy

What jobs in Germany do we offer you?

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When picking carrots or radishes. The activity is not a complicated one or one that requires a lot of effort. If you haven’t picked carrots or radishes before, you’ll find out what the job is all about. It does not need experience, but only ambition and desire to work.

When picking iceberg lettuce. Picking salad is really a pleasant activity with average physical stress. In other words, you will not have to make a huge effort, and the way of working will be explained to you on the spot.

When picking strawberries or raspberries. In addition to being an absolutely “delicious” job, it is a relaxing and attention-grabbing job. Raspberries can be easily crushed, so hurry is not necessary in this case.

Jobs in the hall and in the greenhouse. In this case, you will carry out your activity indoors and you will be protected from possible unfavorable weather phenomena.

The salary you will receive, regardless of the job you choose, will be 9.35 euros / hour. The number of hours worked varies from day to day, depending on the orders, but you will not have to make a superhuman effort and work too many hours. What you need to know is that the job in Germany is exactly like the one in Romania, only the salary differs.

Accommodation costs 7 euros / day and brings you decent conditions: bed, refrigerator, closet and kitchen equipment. With Lucicosm you will have medical insurance and employment contract for a minimum period of 56 days. On the website you will find more details about the benefits you have, but also information about how you will carry out your activity there. Lucicosm Mediere is at your disposal for any kind of information related to jobs in Germany.

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