How to pack your bags as practical as possible for going to Germany

departure to germany

Did you sign up for a job in Germany in 2021 at Lucicosm Mediere? Then it is necessary to prepare, immediately after leaving for Germany, for a better financial situation.

If you’ve been there before, you already know what your luggage should contain, and if you’re still having trouble organizing, we’ve put together a few articles on our blog where you can find everything you need about your job in Germany.

But until then, you have to pack. And, as usual, you don’t know what to take and how to put them. You don’t even want to have a lot of suitcases, but you don’t want to miss things while you’re gone. And even if sometimes leaving is a reason to rejoice, the feeling fades when you have to pack.

So we come to your aid with some clever packaging ideas.

Get rid of the hassle of packing to go to Germany

departure to germany

LIST. No matter how many things you seem to have taken, they are always insufficient. It seems to you that you didn’t take everything you need, but you still have about 2 packed suitcases.

Moreover, when you return from vacation or work, you realize that many things were not even useful to you.

What should you do? For starters this is a great list of things to do. Not the dispensable ones, but the ones you can’t do without such as hygiene products or medicines.

Once you have developed this list, it will be much clearer what you will be able to add to your luggage and how much. The list will help you clarify which things you need and which you don’t. Also take into account the time you spend away from home.

Work Germany

If you go to work in Germany, surely your luggage will be a little bigger and the list will be longer. In this case, you must also take into account what job you will have, because depending on that you will take certain items of clothing. If you work in the field in the rainy season, don’t forget that you must wear the cape.

In any case, any kind of smart packing of your luggage must start with a list. Here are some things you might need:

  • hygiene products (nail, file, shower gel, soap, shampoo, sunscreen)
  • towels and toothbrush;
  • thread, needle, bold and scissors;
  • intimate textile products;
  • pills.

Don’t forget your personal documents, bank cards, electronic devices or other medicines. Most are small products but they are indispensable, especially in the case of a long-term departure.

Then, if you take all these products from home, you will save some money. You will not have to buy them again when you realize that they are useful to you.

Some tips to be ready to go to Germany

SUITCASE. Definitely take a slightly smaller suitcase. You would be surprised that all things fit you there too.

The advantage is that you will have less to carry, and if you go on a vacation and you are the type who takes his things after him, a smaller suitcase would be much more mobile.

However, be very careful what you put in your suitcase and what you carry in your backpack. Do not leave valuables in your suitcase, as they may be lost at any time. Keep valuables in your backpack by your side. Don’t forget to have a few essentials in your backpack for when you run out, such as underwear, a row of clothes or napkins.

Comfortable clothes. No matter where you go, just take comfortable clothes with you. Remember, you’re away from home and you’ll probably walk quite a bit.

Surely you couldn’t do that on heels or a suit. Therefore, put only comfortable clothes in the luggage. To fit as many as you can, you can roll them like a roll and put them in your luggage. That way, you will have more things to do.

Share the suitcase. If you go on holiday or work in Germany with an acquaintance, you can share the suitcase. That way, you save a lot of space.

Do you want to pack your suitcase smart? Consider these tips. Moreover, if you want to go to a job in Germany, don’t forget that the registrations for Lucicosm Mediere for 2021 are in full swing.

We assure you:

  • Decent accommodation at a minimum price, 7.5 euros per day;
  • legal contract for a minimum period of 56 days;
  • A minimum income of 9.35 euro / hour net;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Free transportation to work.

On you can find out what salary you will receive and when you could go to work in Germany. And on you can find details that could help you for transportation.

Registration for the 2021 departures has already begun. If you also want to earn better and lead a decent life, then contact us at 0758276994 and 0743532563


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