How to find a job in Germany without knowing the language

muncă în Germania

For 30 years, the search for a job job in Germany a> are getting bigger. Now, 2022 has not changed much, especially since the financial situation is down. Where else can you say that the new tax changes affect both employees and employers? The need for money and financial stability is growing.

To support a family, to support yourself, to build a house or to buy an apartment. Send the children to school and ensure a decent living – they all ask for money, which you can’t make in Romania, especially as an unskilled worker.

If you want to go to work in Germany to stabilize financially, know that you don’t need to know German. The places we make available to you through Lucicosm Mediere do not require knowledge of German.

Yes, you can work in Germany without knowing German. Yes, you can do that even without English. The working environments in Germany are made up of Romanians, so you will be with your people.

Many married or unmarried couples prefer to come to Germany together. If this is also your case, you can come to work with your partner without knowing a foreign language.

Besides, if you know English at a conversational level, that’s enough. If you are worried that you will not be able to cope, find out that almost all your co-workers will be Romanian. Therefore, if you encounter any problems, they will definitely help you. But Lucicosm also offers you free advice throughout your departure, so you won’t have to worry.

What job can I get a job in Germany?

In general, jobs that do not require speaking German are for unskilled workers. All the jobs you find at Lucicosm do not require speaking German.

Lucicosm Mediere offers you the opportunity to choose from a multitude of jobs. These include:

  • jobs in agriculture, in the field. Depending on the requirements, we offer field jobs for vegetables, fruits or roots. All jobs are posted both on our website ( ) and on the facebook page ( ).
  • jobs in the hall. If you don’t know what a job in the hall entails, on the Lucicosm Mediere blog I wrote an article in this regard. You have a link here:
  • jobs in the greenhouse
  • jobs in the greenhouse
  • other regular jobs (forklift, horse caretaker, driver + more)

You can sign up for any of the above jobs without knowing German. The entire hiring process is done by us, all documents being translated so you can read them before signing.

What does Lucicosm Mediere offer you?

If you choose to go to work in Germany with Lucicosm Mediation, you have a number of benefits such as:

Legal employment contract for a minimum period of 56 days. Yes, we provide a LEGAL employment contract. Even if you fail to stay the entire contract period for various reasons, it’s okay, the contract will be terminated. If this happens, we invite you to come back whenever you can.

Medical insurance. As you have an employment contract, you will also have medical insurance.

You will have the opportunity to receive a child allowance from the German state and to recover your tax, also through our company.

You have a minimum wage of 10.45 euros / hour, in hand. This is the money per hour you receive.

Accommodation and transport provided. The accommodation is close to the workplace, it is equipped with everything you need and you have access to a fully equipped kitchen. In addition, transportation to the workplace is provided.

These are just some of the benefits you get if you choose to collaborate with Lucicosm Mediere. The right job for you and to bring you the money you need is a phone away. Call us at the numbers displayed on the website (0758276994 and 0743532563) or come to our headquarters in Suceava to find out more details. Str. Resort, Nr. 2 720281, Suceava Romania


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