Here you will quickly find a job in Germany

muncă în Germania

Are you urgently looking for a job in Germany? In this article you will find out how to get it and where to sign up. We know that good jobs abroad are fast-paced and it can often be difficult to find a new one.

However, if you consider the factors in this article, you will find a secure job in no time.

The situation in Romania has become slightly better in recent years, but not good enough for you to live decently on a minimum wage. 1500 lei per month are, for dessert, enough only for rent and expenses.

Under no circumstances can this amount cover a family’s expenses, and this is the main reason why they are looking for jobs in Germany.

Even if you are away for a longer period of time, you will have a decent salary and enough money to support your family for a longer period of time.

If you want to go to Germany, but you don’t know where to start, we have some ideas for you.

What to do before leaving for Germany

If you have decided that you need to move on to a better life, you need to have a few things in mind. To get started, check out all the paperwork you might need. It is important that it does not expire in the coming months and is in good condition, because you will need it when signing the contract.

Take with you other documents you think will be needed and make a few copies of each document. In order to work legally (as it should) you need to have all the documents with you. And, if you want a different job, you can take with you a CV written in English, along with copies of your diplomas.

Don’t settle for less

Choose a job that is safe and legal. On the internet you will find many individuals who promise you all kinds of jobs abroad. Use only companies, because they are the only ones that offer you a legal contract, a safe and well-paid job. If you turn to an individual, there is a huge risk of being fooled, not having an employment contract or not getting a salary. Use only reputable companies and only after a thorough search.

If you choose to turn to a company, then you can be sure that your job is legal, that you will have all the necessary facilities and that you will not be robbed of money. On the blog Lucicosm Mediere you can find more articles on how to avoid spikes and find the job you want. Once you’ve chosen the company you want to work with, choose the job you want.

Don’t choose jobs that you don’t know how to do or that you don’t have the physical training for. In addition to the fact that you are endangering your health, you risk being fired because you are not fit for the job.

Once you have chosen your job in Germany, find out all the details about it. Ask the employer when the departure is and what documents you need, where you will be assigned, what accommodation you have and how long the employment contract is valid. Ask enough questions to know absolutely everything that happens once you leave the country. That’s the only way to trust the collaboration. Don’t forget to sign absolutely everything you read and don’t give money before signing the employment contract.

Jobs in Germany with Lucicosm

Lucicosm Mediere is a foreign employment placement company. We provide you with more legal and secure jobs. Depending on what you want and your skills, you can choose the job that is right for you. Lucicosm Mediere offers you jobs in agriculture, in the hall or in the greenhouse.

Here you will find a complete package of services that includes transport, accommodation and consulting throughout your departure. On the Lucicosm blog you can find more details about the jobs in Germany we offer and the facilities you have at your disposal. For more information, call us at the number displayed on the site.


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