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locuri de munca sera

Greenhouse jobs in Germany are increasingly in demand, especially in the context of rising prices due to inflation. The minimum wage in Romania has remained just as low, so the only solution for most households is to go abroad to work. If you are also thinking about this solution, in this article you will find details about the expectations you have and what responsibilities you will have.

For starters, don’t work with strangers who promise you a job in Germany. They are the ones who ask for a commission, they promise you a job, but you end up being deceived. Choose to collaborate with a company because you will have more and more real benefits. Here are your main benefits:

You will get a job of your choice. Lucicosm Mediere offers you several jobs to choose from. Depending on your abilities and desires, you choose the right job for you.

You will have a legal employment contract. Any mediation company that has a legal employment activity will offer you an employment contract. Therefore, it is much better to choose such a collaboration. Lucicosm Mediere offers you a legal employment contract for a period of at least 56 days, regardless of the job you opt for.

You will have health insurance. Given the cost of medical services, especially abroad, this is a very important issue. No matter what health problem you face, you will be able to treat it in Germany.

You will receive advice from the Lucicosm team. Our team will be with you from the beginning of the collaboration until the return to the country. You will be taken to the accommodation and you will have a contact number that you can call if you encounter difficulties.

Locuri de munca sera – așteptări

A job in the greenhouse is much better and more neat than a job in agriculture. You will not stay in the rain, in the sun or in the wind, but you will be protected throughout the working day.

If you choose a job in Germany in the greenhouse, then you will most likely be engaged in planting, caring for plants and picking fruits and vegetables, depending on the season in which you will be leaving. It is an easy job and does not require too much physical effort. The best part is that you can return regardless of the time of year.

Working in a greenhouse is not at all demanding and is a job dedicated to both women and men over the age of 18. The salary is more than attractive, because it has increased this year to 9.82 euros / hour. You will work somewhere around 8-10 hours a day, depending on your requirements.

Sunday will be a day off and you will have a daily break and other short breaks throughout the day. Once a week you will be able to go shopping with your team.

Cum să te înscrii pentru locuri de muncă sera

Lucicosm Mediere offers you several jobs to choose from: in the hall, in the greenhouse, in the field with raspberries, strawberries, legumes or roots. If you want to know more about all the jobs you can find in our country, go to the following link: Exclusive job offers in Germany | Lucicosm Mediere (

Lucicosm Mediere assures you a long-term collaboration and support throughout it. If you also want financial security and a stable income, then sign up for work in Germany.

Among the facilities we offer you is the transport service from your location to accommodation in Germany.

Find out more details or register now at 0758276994 and 0743532563. The program is from Monday to Friday, between 08-16.

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