Greenhouse jobs in Germany: how it really is

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Looking for a job in a greenhouse in Germany has long been a norm. People want to leave, and there are countless reasons. And even if the pandemic period turned things upside down, a job in the greenhouse is what Romanians are still looking for.

You already know that our country is one of the largest exporters of labor in Europe, so it is understandable why people leave. A greenhouse job in Germany is a lighter option than a field job in agriculture. There are countless reasons, but if you are looking for a greenhouse job in Germany, know that Lucicosm Mediere has already started registration for 2021. Places are limited, so book your greenhouse job now.

People looking for such a job think that it is an easy job and where a lot of money can be made. Moreover, it is a suitable place for everyone.

What if it’s really the case?

You can find ads for greenhouse jobs everywhere in Germany, but be careful! You can be fooled very easily and run out of money. You can be left without the advance you gave for transportation and without a job, unfortunately.

It is much better to turn to an experienced company that will take care of the whole process, so that your departure is as pleasant as possible and you do not have any incidents. The requirements for such a job are not high. However, it is advisable not to have health problems, because the workload may be slightly higher than in Romania.

We are talking about asthma, back problems, weight lifting problems, heart problems or any other type of problem that can be aggravated by work. If you have such a medical history, you should give up your greenhouse job in Germany. Moreover, the maximum age you can have if you want to work in the greenhouse is 45 years. Especially for people from rural areas, such a job may seem easy.

This is because most of the time, people in rural areas are learned with more difficult work and can cope much more easily with the workload in Germany. But if you know that you are a person who gets tired easily and is not very resistant in stressful situations, then maybe you should reconsider the job you are looking for.

There is nothing to be afraid of, a job in a greenhouse in Germany is not difficult. But, it is certainly not as easy as a job as a salesman in Romania.

That’s right, the money is much more (your salary can be three times that of the country) but the workload is a bit higher.

You should know that working in the greenhouse can be hard, and the conditions are certainly not 5 stars. But you have a clean, neat environment equipped with everything you need: toilet, kitchen, shower, bed and closet. Many people are scared of the minimalist style of accommodation, but given the small amount you pay per month, you will surely be satisfied. The minimum wage you receive if you choose to work with Lucicosm Mediere for a greenhouse job in Germany is 9.35 euros. Here are the facilities we offer:

  • 9.35 euro / hour NET (money in hand)
  • medical insurance
  • 1 hour break
  • accommodation of 7.5 euros per day
  • the duration of the employment contract is a maximum of 79 calendar days!

Thus, through our agency, you will have an insured job plus all the necessary facilities: accommodation, transport, employment contract and insurance.

Lucicosm Mediere offers you complete services for you to go to work in Germany.

You already know the conditions for going to a job in the greenhouse. True, such a job can be, at certain times of the year, easier than a job in agriculture, picking legumes and roots.

Although at Lucicosm Mediere any job has the same benefits, a job in the greenhouse may be right for you if you are a meticulous person and do not like to rush. The registrations for January 2021 have already started and if you are planning to start the new year with money and implementing dreams related to house or purchases, then you should look for us.

Details and Registration can be made from Monday to Friday, between 08.00-16.00, at the telephone numbers: 0758276994 and 0743532563.


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