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You go to work in Germany with Lucicosm Mediere, but you don’t fully know what your rights are? This article comes to your aid. Here you will find all the details you need about your rights as a seasonal worker in Germany in 2021.

The pandemic context has changed many regulations in Germany regarding seasonal workers. The German state wanted to continue its activity without endangering the health of its employees.

Regulations on seasonal employment in Germany

As you come from a European Union country, you have the chance to work as a seasonal worker for 102 days. The number of days has increased this year in the context of the pandemic. If you are employed by an employer in Romania, but you work in Germany, then your social security will be in Romania. If the employment contract is signed with a German company, then social security will be there.

Lucicosm Mediere mediates your employment in Germany, so you will be employed by a company there, and the social insurance will be in Germany.

Don’t forget to get a European health insurance card, so that in case of any problems, you can go to the doctor in Germany. Moreover, the German employer is obliged to check if you are covered by the Romanian health and social security system. This happens before the actual employment.

If you do not yet have valid health insurance, your German employer has the option of taking out temporary private health insurance. In any case, you should know that this type of temporary insurance cannot cover any illness.

If you happen to have medical problems while working in Germany, then you should inform your employer and consult a doctor immediately. If you are on medical leave, then you will receive a salary during the illness, but not more than 6 weeks. In some circumstances, health insurance in Germany can also bring you sickness benefits.

What is the salary at work in Germany

In agriculture, the German state has a fixed amount that employees can receive per hour, minimum: 9.50 euros. However, from July 1, 2021, the salary increased to 9.60 euros per hour. The German state has announced gradual annual increases. Thus, in 2022 the salary will be 9.82 euro / hour, and from July 1, 2022 it will increase to 10.45 euro / hour.

As expected, this applies to all people working in Germany, regardless of their country of origin. This salary applies even if you were sent by an employer in Romania or if you came alone in search of a job. Thus, if you have opted for a job with Lucicosm Mediere, your minimum hourly wage will be the one mentioned above. The employer is not allowed to pay you less than the legal amount.

If you want to calculate your monthly income in Germany, you can write down on a notebook the hours you start, including the minutes. Don’t forget to put the breaks, so that the final amount is correct.

Employment contract in Germany

If you work in Germany, the employer does not have to hand you a written employment contract. It can also be defined by what you talked to the employer. In any case, the employer is obliged to offer you the contractual terms in writing within one month.

If you do not receive the contractual terms, you can ask the employer yourself. If the employment contract is not in a language you know, you can ask the employer to translate it. It is especially important to read everything before signing and submitting the form. Then, make sure both copies of the contract are signed by both you and the employer.

I wrote an article about what an employment contract should contain on the Lucicosm Mediere blog.

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Work in Germany with Lucicosm Mediation

If you want a job in Germany for sure, Lucicosm has a varied offer for you. We provide you with jobs in agriculture, as well as in the hall and in the greenhouse. Registrations have already started, and places are limited monthly. Therefore, we invite you to the contact page for more information.

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