Germany allowance – what you need to know

alocația Germania

Do you need information about alocacia Germania? In this article you will find everything you need to know about the allowance in Germany and how to get it.

Lucicosm Mediere brought over 500,000 euros in allowance money for clients. All the people who collaborated with us and who went to work in Germany benefited from the facilities that the German state offers to workers, including allowance.

The German state is extremely fair and provides countless facilities for its employees. Allowance is one such facility. If you worked with us in Germany, then you are entitled to allowance for your children.

Lucicosm offers you full support throughout your trip to Germany, but also upon your return to the country. If you want to get your allowance money back, we take care of the whole process for you.

German allowance – who gets the money

Because you worked with legal forms, you have a benefit in the form of an allowance, if you have children. Even the Romanians were amazed by the large sums they receive for allowance in Germany. For 2019, the German state gave Romanian workers more than 7 billion euros for allowances. The amounts increase each year, so the allowance you receive in 2022 for your children may be higher.

The allowance is for those who have worked or are still working with an employment contract in Germany, for children who have not passed the age of 18. If the children are in education, they can take allowance up to the age of 25.

Germans are highly appreciated among Romanians precisely because of the remarkable way in which they treat their employees. They enjoy respect, high remuneration and numerous facilities. That is why many Romanians choose to work in Germany, in the fields or in the greenhouse. Because they have a salary, allowance and other benefits that are at least double compared to those in Romania.

And then the German government periodically increases these amounts. In 2017, the amount you received monthly for the allowance was 200 euros for a child. Today, the amount exceeds 250 euros per child per month.

If you worked in Germany and want to recover the money from the allowance, you can recover it up to 6 months ago. That means you can receive the money from the allowance for at least the last 6 months worked in Germany.

The state has a specific entity that handles such procedures, but it is your responsibility to notify the German state that you have worked there legally. If you have collaborated with Lucicosm Mediere Suceav, don’t worry. We take care of this. The recovery of the allowance is done through us. If you have concluded your employment contract in Germany, it means that you will no longer benefit from the allowance.

How Lucicosm Mediere helps you to get alocacia Germany

If you want to recover the allowance money from the German state, you must submit a file no later than 6 months after the start of your employment contract.

If this file is already open, contact the Lucicosm team to complete the allowance years or to continue parking the employment periods in Germany.

Moreover, you can request money from the tax for the last 4 years. In order to benefit from all these benefits, it is important to keep all the documents you receive from your employer. They are added to the tax file as evidence.

To get your allowance and tax money, contact the Lucicosm team now. You will find out what documents you need to collect, and we take care of the whole process for you. The headquarters of Lucicosm Mediere is in Suceava, and you can find the information you need at the number 0743532563.

To keep you informed about available jobs, on the Lucicosm blog you can find information about jobs, your facilities, but also tips about working in Germany.


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