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Are you looking for jobs abroad? Lucicosm Mediere offers you secure jobs in Germany. Who are we? We are Lucicosm Mediation and we facilitate the search for jobs abroad. If you want to work abroad, know that you have nowhere to go. Through Lucicosm Mediere you will have an employment contract for a period of at least 56 days. Yes, our company ensures this, so you won’t have to worry about legality. Do you want a quality experience? Lucicosm Mediation is the solution. People who have chosen to collaborate with us say that the experience is clearly superior to those with other companies. Our main concern is you and all our efforts are directed towards a transparent, secure and lasting collaboration.

Who are we

Lucicosm Mediere is a team of people whose activity is the placement and transport of people to jobs in Germany. The services we offer you are complete: we provide the job, accommodation and return transport. Therefore, you will have less hassle because we will take care of everything.

All you have to do is choose the job you prefer and sign up. Registrations for 2021 have already started, so you need to hurry. We are a team with about 15 years of experience behind us. We learned from you what you want and how we can do it to meet your needs. We have learned how to approach different situations and we know how important transparency is for you. So, just a green button away you can find us (0758276994 and 0743532563) and we can provide you with the information you need.

  1. It’s sure? Yes, that’s for sure. We are a company with over 15 years of experience, and people recommend us for the professionalism we show. Moreover, we are transparent in every action we take, therefore, if you have questions do not hesitate to ask them.
  2. How much money is offered to me? Lucicosm Mediere provides you with a job where you will earn 9.35 euros / hour net.
  3. Do I have an employment contract? Yes, Lucicosm Mediere provides employment in Germany with an employment contract for a minimum period of 56 days and a maximum of 75 days.
  4. I am safe? Undoubtedly. Lucicosm Mediere offers advice and takes care of all aspects of your trip. Jobs are 100% safe, and the only difference from a job in Romania is the much higher salary.
  5. Where can I find accommodation? Accommodation is provided right near the workplace and costs 7.5 euro / day. The amount is less than your hourly wage.

Moreover, here is what we offer:

  • medical insurance
    • shopping is done once a week

The job in Germany is no different from the one in Romania, and if you are wondering what you would earn if you worked abroad, well, for starters, more money. In previous articles I explained the advantages of a job in Germany:

  • at least decent lifestyle in Romania;
    • financial security;

It is a perfectly normal job and it is no more difficult than other jobs in Romania.

If you want to register for work in Germany, the registrations for 2021 have started. Places are limited, but the benefits are many. Don’t think long and give us a call. We will guide you through all the experience and help you choose the most suitable job for you. Moreover, we are transparent and we look for solutions only in your favor. That’s why all our services only improve your experience.

Here are the jobs we have at Lucicosm Mediere:

  1. Harvesting radishes;
    1. Harvesting onions

Whatever you want, it’s a job for you. Hurry up, you know that places are limited for registrations in 2021. On our website, you can find the information you need, and if you have decided or need guidance, you can find us at the phone numbers noted above up.

You deserve a better life and you deserve to get rid of tomorrow’s money. Stop thinking and take your job that takes you on the road to financial independence.


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