Current regulations for placing people at work


Lucicosm Mediere, deals with the placement of people at work abroad, is obliged to register with the Territorial Labor Inspectorate. It is important to know that any activity of mediating the employment of Romanians abroad is regulated by law no. 156/2000 and H.G. no. 384/2001 for the approval of the law enforcement norms with subsequent amendments and completions.

Like every company that has this object of activity, Lucicosm Mediere also deals with informing, advising and mediating Romanian citizens for a job abroad. Lucicosm Mediere is a professional and experienced company for hiring people abroad. Lucicosm Mediere offers the complete service package for you.

Legislatively, any company that places people working abroad must conclude mediation contracts with those people that will include several clauses. What you need to know is that the mediation activity is done for free. Therefore, the law does not allow the collection of fees or commissions.

Methodological rules for agencies dealing with the placement of persons in the workplace

placement of persons

Lucicosm Mediere, together with any other company placing employment abroad, is obliged to register with the Territorial Labor Inspectorate to which they belong.

This is done 5 working days before the start of the placement activity. Registration and notification shall be effected by the transmission and submission of specific documents, in a copy conforming to the original:

  • document certifying the authorization / registration of the supplier as an employment agent;
  • document certifying the quality of employment;
  • a certificate attesting that he is not in insolvency, dissolution or bankruptcy proceedings;
  • certificate of fiscal registration of the headquarters;
  • document certifying the provider’s right to use the space where the placement takes place;
  • identity documents;
  • job offers contracts from abroad
  • documents proving that there are no convictions in the name of the legal representative;
  • individual employment contracts concluded with staff to perform specific placement activities;
  • documents certifying the qualification in the field of human resources.

Dacă este vorba despre desfășurarea de activități privind plasarea transfrontalieră, furnizorii serviciilor de plasare la locul de muncă trebuie să notifice ITM-ul de care aparțin cu 5 zile lucrătoare înainte de a începe prestarea propriu-zisă a serviciilor.

This notification shall be made by sending a registered letter with confirmation and the following documents, in accordance with the original:

  • document certifying and registering the activity of the supplier;
  • documents justifying the quality of employment;
  • a document proving that the supplier is not in insolvency, dissolution or bankruptcy proceedings;
  • document certifying the right to use the space;
  • identity documents;
  • job offers contracts abroad;
  • self-declaration regarding employment services, under penalty of false statements;
  • documents proving that the legal representative is not guilty of criminal convictions;
  • individual employment contracts with those who are to perform employment activities in Romania;
  • documents attesting to the qualification in the field of human relations.

Employment agencies, as well as employment service providers, which have their permanent headquarters in Romania, are required by law to transmit, on a quarterly basis until the end of the following month from the quarter ended to ITM a situation regarding persons who have been mediated and employed abroad.

The employment activity is purely bureaucratic and involves many responsibilities. Lucicosm Mediere is committed to respecting them all and, above all, to respecting you and your needs. All legislative aspects are respected exactly. Seriousness and professionalism characterize us, therefore we invite you to collaborate.

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