Are you going to work in Germany? Look what to have in your luggage

Have you chosen to go to work in Germany? In this article we explain what the job entails and how to prepare for departure.

As you probably already heard, a job in Germany is the same as a job in Romania. You have a work schedule to follow and some responsibilities and obligations. What is different from a job in Suceava is the salary. You will earn 4 times better than what you earn in Romania.

What is a job like in Germany?

If this is your first time going to Germany for work and you are reluctant, know that you have no reason. If you have chosen to collaborate with Lucicosm Mediere, all important aspects are set up. You choose the job you want from our portfolio. Then, we explain what you are going to do, how long and what your salary is. All this information is also specified in the employment contract.

The program is approximately 8-10 hours a day, with meal breaks. Weekends are free and depending on demand, chances are you will be asked to work on Saturday for a few hours.

If you need, you can take days off during the week. In Germany you will work with people, most of them being Romanian. Therefore, you will work at a job like any other. In addition, you have the same benefits as any other employee in the European Union.

At Lucicosm you can choose one of the jobs you can find on the website and on our Facebook page. These jobs are in agriculture, in the shed or greenhouse and in the field. Basically you will pick vegetables or fruit or work in the shed packing and cleaning. The jobs are physical, but not very demanding.

However, it is important to be healthy and able to work, especially since you certainly do not want to aggravate your condition abroad.

Lucicosm Mediere offers you a legal employment contract, for a minimum period of 56 days. If you will not be able to respect the contractual period, regardless of the reasons, you can always go home. Nobody forces you to do anything, everything is legal.

In addition, we also provide you with accommodation near the workplace, equipped with utilities such as kitchen, bed and wardrobes, table and chairs, toilet.

How to pack for your trip to Germany

If you have already decided that you want to go to work in Germany, congratulations! It is an important step towards your financial freedom.

Because you’ll be away from home for a long time, here’s what you need to pack.

Clothes for work. Take a few clean changes, for the days when you go to the store or for walks. But mainly take work clothes with you, depending on the season. However, for rainy or cold days, take some sweatshirts and jackets with you.

Work slippers. Boots, comfortable sneakers or some warm boots. Depending on the weather, don’t forget this type of footwear. Boots should not be missing.

Backpack. You’ll take it with you to work every day, so you have a place to put food, water and other things you might need.

Cape. Germany is a country where it rains quite often. If you are going to work in the field, you definitely need a cape.

Other things to take with you:

  • documents;
  • things for intimate hygiene and pajamas;
  • money
  • enough canned goods and non-perishable food for a few days until you go shopping;
  • a book if you like to read;
  • charger, tablet.

Lucicosm Mediere provides integrated mediation services. With us you also have transport, advice, accommodation and a legal employment contract. Call us now and book your job in Germany: 0758276994 or 0743532563


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