Are you a student and want money in the summer? Go to work in Germany

munca in Germania

If you want to have money all year round, go to work in Germany. Being a student can be difficult, especially financially. & Nbsp;

You have to go to class, because you want to be good in your field, but at the same time you want to have money to go out, have fun with friends or buy your latest phone model.

If you didn’t sleep at all at night, you might have a chance to reconcile them all, but even so, the chances are slim.

During your studies, if your parents are not millionaires, it’s kind of awful to handle yourself. The scholarships aren’t really big either, and even with rich parents, it’s like it’s up to you to ask them.

You want to manage on your own, have your own money and not have to ask your family or account for expenses.

And you know very well that, being a beginner, you don’t have a chance to get a new phone and put money aside for a whole year with your three-month summer salary in Romania.

The best solution? Work in Germany

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So the best solution is a job in Germany.

Why? For starters, you have the chance to win around 6,000 euros, if you are modest there in purchases.

With this amount of money you can clearly change your laptop and go out every night with friends. Even pay homage to them from time to time. And you know those expensive sneakers you wanted for a long time, but you couldn’t afford to buy them? You will be able to take them off the shelf without looking at the money.

So far, so good. But how do you work in Germany? Simple. You appeal to Lucicosm Mediation.

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Cinema and Lucicosm Mediere

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We are an employment company abroad. A decade ago, we saw that the minimum wage in Romania does not meet the needs of the average person. After 10 years, the situation is the same.

At that time, people were hearing more and more about well-paid jobs in Germany, the conditions there, and the amount of money they could have in their pockets in a few months.

We saw that more and more people want to go abroad to earn a living, so we thought we should facilitate this option.

We founded the company Lucicosm Mediere 10 years ago, and since then all our services are constantly being improved. We offer you different jobs in agriculture, in the hall or in the greenhouse.

All jobs are just as well paid, just for you to come home with the amount of money you need.

We provide you with the jobs, and you choose what suits you. You have jobs in Germany in legumes, roots, in the barn or in the greenhouse.

We provide you with the jobs, and you choose what suits you. You have jobs in Germany in legumes, roots, in the barn or in the greenhouse.

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We know you want to live comfortably in those months away from home. That’s why Lucicosm provides you with all the services you need.

For starters, you have a salary of 9.35 euros / hour. Moreover, you will work with an employment contract for a minimum period of 56 days. Do you realize how much money you can make during this period?

And if you’re thinking about accommodation, I’ve covered that as well. Accommodation costs around 7 euros / day, nothing compared to your salary. At the place of accommodation you have everything you need: bed, closet, stove, refrigerator, table, etc. All you have to do is pack your bags.

In addition to accommodation, you also have transport to Germany and back. Remember that you are free to return at any time or to stay for a longer period, if you want.

Moreover, you have health insurance and full support from the Lucicosm team. If something goes wrong, call us.

What are you waiting for? Call us now and book your job in Germany in the summer.

You will be able to raise all the money you need, and the rest of the year remains at your disposal. You will not have to work in the country and you will always have to focus on learning and having fun when necessary.

Lucicosm offers you transparency and a collaboration based on trust and seriousness

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All our activities are legal, and our loyal customers know how good the services we provide are.

If you want to know more details about what it will be like in Germany, what to expect or how to save smart, then enter the Lucicosm blog. There you will find all the information you need.

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Moreover, we invite you to follow us on our facebook page to stay up to date with the news.

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Don’t worry too much and get a ticket to financial independence now!


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