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Lucicosm company has experience in the field of employment and recruitment for over 9 years. During these years our priority was the clients and collaborators so that we offer the clients decent conditions and well paid jobs and the collaborators qualified and productive people. We mention that the company’s mission and vision is to offer customers a collaboration and security on the jobs found. Our attempt also had some grievances along the way where we made the effort to remedy them.

The company LUCICOSM, was founded in 1996 and in 2007 we will obtain the license for international transport of people by bus or minibus, a license that is renewed, so that currently our license is until 2026.
In 2011 we obtained proof of the license for the employment activity, the main activity of the company. All these licenses could be obtained without fulfilling the legislative requirements of the Romanian state.
In order to offer the most complete services to our clients in 2016, we started a collaboration with UnionTax, a collaboration on tax recovery in Europe.
The legal status of the company is that of a limited liability company (SRL), the company having a subscribed and paid-in share capital of 200 RON. The number of employees currently working in the company is 7 but it will increase in the near future due to the trend and also the need to expand the activity both in terms of diversification of services and locations, respectively working points of the company.

Currently, the agency operates in Suceava, Suceava County in its own space, near the Obcini neighborhood, this being an asset of the company as it is known that positioning is one of the key aspects in the success of a business.
The agency was established in order to meet the wishes and needs of clients in the most professional and enjoyable way possible. Thus, the agency team always tries to understand the needs of its clients and to look at the situation from their point of view.
The services provided at a superior quality and the competitive prices are the objectives proposed by the company.
From the services offered I list:
-National and international passenger transport
-Rental of coaches and minibuses
-Employment of labor in Germany
-Recovery of taxes and duties
-Consultancy in the field of taxes and employment

Jobs Germany

Strawberry picking

Jobs available in Germany🇩🇪 picking strawberries  in the field. It offers: 12 euros/hour NET (in hand), accommodation 10 euros / day, legal contract period of at least 56 calendar days, shopping is done once a week, medical insurance, Pupils or students over 18 years old and able to work. Free WIFI, recommended for women, working

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Picking onions

Month MARCH 2023/ APRIL 2023, places available at the onion  in Germany🇩🇪. It is offered:👇   Payment: 12 EURO / HOUR in hand; Two way transport for a fee;   Accommodation: 7.5 euros / DAY;   Legal employment contract  Contract period min 56 days – maximum 79 days;  Store access;  Guaranteed medical insurance;  Transportation to the

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locuri de munca Germania

Jobs in Germany for 2023

Looking for Germany jobs for 2023? Lucicosm Mediere offers you secure jobs, without commission and with an employment contract. In addition, Lucicosm Mediere offers you integrated services. This means that our company deals with recruitment as well as employment, transport, accommodation and consultancy. Basically, with us you can find everything you need to work legally

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De ce e important să lucrezi cu contract de muncă în Germania

Te gândești să mergi la muncă în Germania? Nu apela la oricine și oricum. Dacă vrei să câștigi bani, să lucrezi legal și să ai parte de toate beneficiile unui angajat, e important să lucrezi cu contract de muncă. Din nefericire, în ultima vreme au apărut foarte multe persoane fizice sau firme fantom care promit

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Improvements to Lucicosm Services. Jobs in Germany

Are you looking to collaborate with a professional company for jobs in Germany? Because, in Romania, the current context is constantly changing, Lucicosm Mediere is constantly improving the services it offers you. Many people want to go to work in Germany. Because the situation is not at all favorable in Romania from a financial point

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Jobs in Germany with medical insurance

Are you looking for jobs in Germany with medical insurance? More and more people are going abroad, especially in light of new price changes and bill increases. If you also want to work in Germany, but you are looking for a safe and profitable job, in this article you will find out how to get

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