5 reasons to go to work in Germany with Lucicosm

muncă în Germania

Does the year have any good signs? Well, most Romanians would not agree. Jobs in Germany have become increasingly popular lately, and the reasons are obvious: rising electricity prices, rising fuel prices and rising food prices. If a few years ago you could say that you can live decently in Romania, today is not the case. A minimum basic salary is 1,500 lei, but due to the recent increase in prices, this salary can no longer support even a couple.

The places of work in Germany save Romanians from taking care of their money. It gives them a quieter life and financial security. For over 10 years, Lucicosm has been providing these things to its customers.

We are a company based in Suceava and which offers you a variety of jobs in Germany. If you are also looking for a well paid job, Lucicosm offers you several options to choose from.

The experience in mediating such jobs helps us to offer you all the necessary conditions for you to feel as comfortable as possible at the new job.

Why apply to Lucicosm for jobs in Germany

People trust us. So far, every customer who has chosen to work with us has been satisfied. The most important aspect of any collaboration is trust, and the Lucicosm team has done its best to provide a successful and satisfying collaboration. You don’t have to take our word for it, the reviews on our facebook page are proof. People are happy with the jobs we offer and want to come back every season. “Seriousness, trust, respect”, this is how Doina G. characterizes us in the reviews section of our Facebook page.

Iulian recommends the activity of Lucicosm because “it gives a chance to have a well-paid job without stress, without contractual obligations, with better accommodation conditions than in Romania with a very sociable and understanding staff.”

We offer you all the legal forms of collaboration. Professionalism is not lacking in our collaborations. In order to offer you all the benefits as an employee of the German state, we insure you a legal employment contract for a minimum period of 56 days and medical insurance. All the actions we take in our collaboration have a legal basis. You receive your salary on time and receive all the benefits of a German employee.

Lucicosm offers you transport in Germany

Transport to Germany. Lucicosm Mediere provides transportation to and from Germany. The coaches we use ensure your comfort and a pleasant journey. They are equipped with seat belts, comfortable and folding seats, audio-video systems and enough space to relax.

You will arrive in time for the job you choose. Moreover, given the pandemic context, all means of transport used are constantly sanitized and disinfected. We comply with all applicable legal measures to limit the spread of coronavirus.

Accommodation. Regardless of the job you choose at Lucicosm Mediere, you will have decent accommodation near the workplace. The accommodation has a stove, refrigerator, beds, wardrobes and heating systems. Accommodation costs 7.5 euros / day.

Possibility to choose. Lucicosm Mediere offers you more jobs, and you can choose the one you want.

Lucicosm has opened its work season in Germany

Registrations for 2022 have begun. If you want another financial status and you have plans that you want to complete, sign up for work in Germany. We offer you jobs in the hall, in the greenhouse, in agriculture.

You can choose the job that suits you. Regardless of your choice, you will earn over 9.50 euros / hour. The work schedule is a light one, which includes about 8 hours of work, from Monday to Saturday.

You can find information about the jobs we offer on the blog Lucicosm or on the contact page.


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