10 reasons to work in agriculture in Germany

agricultura in Germania

For many people from Suceava, moving abroad for work can be a life-changing decision. Germany, with a strong agricultural sector, offers many opportunities, especially for unskilled workers. If you are thinking of taking this step, here is a guide to explain why Germany is a good choice and how Lucicosm Mediere can help you get a well-paid job in agriculture in Germany.

Why choose a job in agriculture in Germany?

Germany is known for its efficiency, strong work ethic and the high quality of life it offers. For agricultural workers, it presents a unique set of advantages, especially for those coming from Romania.

Here are ten reasons why you might consider Germany for your next farming job.

Working in agriculture in Germany provides you with good money

In Germany, wages for agricultural work are generally higher than in Romania. This means you can earn more for the same amount of work, allowing you to support your family at home more efficiently or save for the future.

In Germany you have more work rights

Germany has strict labor laws that protect workers. You will enjoy regulated working hours, health insurance and safe working conditions. This is a significant advantage, ensuring that you are treated fairly and can work in a stress-free environment.

Working in agriculture in Germany does not require qualifications

Many agricultural jobs in Germany do not require formal qualifications. If you are unskilled and worried about finding work, farming can be a great starting point.

Although knowledge of German is certainly a plus, in the agricultural sector basic communication skills are often sufficient. Many workers get by with German or even English, and employers sometimes offer language assistance. With Lucicosm, you will work in teams of Romanians, and knowledge of a foreign language is not necessary.

Seasonal work opportunities

If you’re not ready to move permanently, seasonal work is a great option. It allows you to earn good money and then go back home. This flexibility is perfect for those who want to balance work abroad with commitments in Romania.

The work environment in Germany is professional but familiar. You will find that the work culture is not drastically different from that of Romania, making your transition easier.

Moreover, at the jobs offered by Lucicosm, there is a large community of Romanians in Germany, which means that you will have a support network of people who speak your language and understand where you are coming from.

Learning, development and better quality of life at work in agriculture in Germany

Working in Germany can be an excellent opportunity to develop new skills. Whether it’s learning more about advanced farming techniques or increasing your work experience, this is the place to do it.

And then, Germany is known for its high standard of living, which includes excellent public transportation, healthcare, and education. This is especially beneficial if you plan to bring your family.

How can Lucicosm Mediere help you get a job in agriculture in Germany?

Lucicosm Mediere specializes in helping Romanians find work in Germany, especially in the agricultural sector. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, here’s how I can help:

From preparing the necessary documents to understanding your rights as a worker in Germany, Lucicosm Mediere offers guidance every step of the way. We make sure you are well informed and prepared for your new job abroad. Even after you have started work in Germany, Lucicosm Mediere remains available to help you with any problems or questions that may arise.

Working in agriculture in Germany offers a viable and attractive option for many Romanians looking for a better salary and a better quality of life. With the help of Lucicosm Mediere, the process of finding and starting a job in Germany is simple and safe. If you are from Suceava or anywhere else in Romania and you are thinking of working abroad, consider the benefits in this article.


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